Steaks with Mexican Corn Cream Sauce

You won’t believe how EASY this recipe is! The flavor combination of the steak with the Mexican corn is beyond phenomenal.

Use ANY CUT OF STEAK you want! Filet mignon, sirloin, NY strip, etc. Even london broil is delicious prepared this way & pairs great with the elote dip topping.

Steaks with easy Mexican corn cream sauce

Sometimes you just want something fabulously fancy but you don’t want an exotically expensive price tag on it at the same time. Fancy and frugal.

Frugal fancy gourmet. I like the sound of that. 

Well, this particular fancy steakhouse inspired recipe came to me while doing some light reading… of a local Latin steak restaurant menu online. Not the best seller list but entertaining, informative, and even exciting in it’s own right. 😉 One of the menu items that popped out at me happened to be a hanger steak topped with Mexican corn. Doesn’t that sound good? I definitely plan on still going to that restaurant and trying their menu item but at the same time, it inspired this recipe.

Filet Mignon steak with Mexican corn

Hanger steaks are somewhat difficult to find in the grocery store around here. I am able to find them all the time from my favorite local butcher but that’s a 35 minute drive that I usually pencil into my schedule while the Publix is 5 minutes up the street and is my go-to for quick trips to the store and impulsive recipe ideas.

I went with this idea in mind and scoured the sales & the store looking for ingredients that was going to make my dish. I totally planned on making my own Mexican corn dip to top my steak with but then noticed that Stonemill Kitchen Fire Roasted Street Corn Dip was buy 1 get one free and decided that I was about to go the easy route. I have actually purchased that dip many times before so I already knew I liked the flavor. (Not a sponsored post, FYI – I just like the product!) I get mine at Publix and I find it with the refrigerated dips and hummus, in the deli section. If you’d rather make your own or can’t find the dip or a comparable one then you can make your own using this recipe. But if you’re wanting a quick & easy fabulously frugal and fancy dinner (say that three times fast…) – then the time saving shortcut route is right up your alley. You can thin it out with a splash of milk or cream, or you can dollop it on as is. I choose not to thin mine out.

What cut of steak should I use?

Whatever cut of steak you would like to use!

Filet mignon was on sale at the grocery store and I scored 2 good sized steaks for $11, which is a bargain as far as that cut goes. So, check your local meat sales!

If you can find hanger steak, that’s definitely a good one to use. Sirloin, NY Strip, Ribeye – even London broil.

In fact, for a really frugal meal, try out this London Broil recipe but switch out the chimichurri topping for Mexican corn. That’s definitely frugal and fancy – and you can feed a crowd this way too for a very small impact on your wallet.

How should I cook my steak?

I cook all my steaks in a cast iron skillet. I feel like every kitchen needs at least one good cast iron skillet in it.

I have an entire post of how I cook my steaks right here, so refer to it if you don’t already have a preferred method to cook your steak. Or check it out even if you do – who knows, you might like this method even better!

Filet Mignon with Mexican Corn Cream

What should I serve this with?

I love to serve mine with this easy Peruvian Lime Shrimp that’s also topped with the Mexican corn dip.

Some other great serving suggestions are:

Filet Mignon steak with Mexican corn

This is one of those recipes that are so simple, I hesitate a little when I refer to it as a recipe. More like a cooking hack. It’s that simple. You basically just cook your steak to the temperature that you desire & top it with heated up Mexican corn dip (add a little milk or cream if you want it thinner) & an optional sprinkle of minced cilantro and/or fresh jalapeños.

Easy peasy.

Filet Mignon with Mexican Corn Cream Sauce


  • Filet mignon as many and the size is up to you
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Stonemill Kitchens fire roasted street corn dip
  • Minced fresh cilantro to garnish Optional
  • Minced fresh jalapeño, to garnish Optional


  • Season the steak with salt and pepper to taste. Cook to desired temperature. I like to cook mine in a cast iron skillet on medium-high heat for about 5 minutes on each side for a 6-8oz filet, then let the steak rest for 10 minutes for the juices to settle.
  • Heat some of the fire roasted street corn dip in a microwave safe dish until hot. Scoop over the cooked steak after it has rested. Garnish with minced cilantro and fresh jalapeño (optional). Serve immediately.


If you would like the Mexican corn dip to be a little thinner, just stir in a little heavy cream or milk before heating it up.
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Steaks with Mexican corn cream sauce