The Pixelista – Web Design & More!


If you’re reading this – I know you’ve got to notice that the Mrs is looking different! That’s thanks to a move from Blogger to WordPress complete with a whole new webpage design thanks to the fantastically talented Jessica over at The Pixelista.

Now, I’ve been wanting to migrate from Blogger to WordPress for some time now, but honestly – the whole transition scared the crap out of me! I’ve read so many horror stories out there in internet land!  When you’ve worked so hard on something for so long – of course, those possibilities are going to be frightening! I was totally stressed about moving, but knew that with the more posts that I racked up in Blogger, the more complicated the move would be. So, I went on the hunt for someone to do it for me. I’ve been following The Pixelista’s work for some time now because I love all her webpage designs – and I naturally was driven back to her.

Something that I just knew was going to cause headaches and frustration for me ended up being a piece of cake on my end, and I was able to breathe easy. Jessica took care of everything! I didn’t lose one single post, and didn’t have to make a trip for the pharmacy for some Excedrin migrane either (added plus)! Nor was my website down for a horrible amount of time – just a few hours in the middle of the night. The whole process was so amazingly smooth that looking back, I shouldn’t have been nervous about anything. She definitely knows what she is doing!

I’m so glad that I moved. I’ve always heard that WordPress was better – but I honestly shrugged it off. But, now that I’m on the other side of the fence – the grass is definitely greener over here! The WordPress’s fertilizer is great. Jessica put it best when she called Blogger a tricycle & WordPress a 10 speed bicycle. Boy, was she ever right. You can do SO much more in WordPress. Oh my goodness, I think I’m in love.

Then comes the design. From the beginning of the Mrs, I’ve done all the design myself. And, I haven’t done a bad job – as The Pixelista put it in an email to me, I ‘pimped out’ my blogger page. Talk about an ego boost! But if I ‘pimped out’ my page before, I just don’t know what to call what she did to my new & improved page. Super duper pimped out to the max? (Look, I’m being hip!)

I dunno – but I love it. I mean..I L-O-V-E it! Don’t you? Seriously – how could you not? The Mrs could win a beauty pagent right about now. Just sayin’.

She did such an amazing job on every aspect of it. She kept my logo of my cute little tree that everyone recognizes, and made it work into the page in a whole new way, which I absolutely adore. There is not one single thing about the new design that I don’t think is absolutely ah-mazing. Not only is it just plain gorgeous, but everything is so organized and easy to find. I couldn’t dream of anything better.

Then – on top of everything else – she prettied up both the Mrs’s Facebook page AND Twitter!! Aren’t they marvelous?! This chick can do it ALL!

Jessica was so great through every aspect of this huge step for Mrs Happy Homemaker. She answered every single one of my questions, and trust me – I had PLENTY of questions! Over 100 emails were exchanged between us….and she was super nice & extremely helpful in every single one of her replies. She went back and triple checked EVERYTHING, and kept me informed with every single detail that was going on. I never felt out of the loop at all. I wish I could just jump through my computer screen and give her a great big hug for everything she has done.

I’m telling you – if you’re looking to move from Blogger to WordPress, or if you need a new design on your page – The Pixelista is the best of the best in my opinion. Plus, she’s so friendly and such a pleasure to work with.

When the time comes I need anything behind the scenes done again, you can bet Jessica at The Pixelista will be my gal for the job again!

Check out her webpage, her portfolio – and make sure you connect with her on both Facebook & Twitter! Also – you can contact her directly here. And, tell her the Mrs sent you!