Year of the Staycation – Greensboro, NC Area

The cost of living keeps getting higher, & the price of gas makes most of us lightheaded.  More & more of us are looking for places close to home these days when it comes to taking family vacations.  

If you live in the Greensboro, North Carolina area – there are a number of fun & budget friendly options just waiting for you & your family to take advantage of.  Of course, there are so many, it would be extremely hard to list them all, so I’m just sharing my ultimate favorites

If you don’t live in the Greensboro area, check back tomorrow.  I will be sharing over 75 links to StayCation articles written by bloggers all over the country.

(Make sure you look at the very last destination on this list for my ULTIMATE FAVORITE place to go complete with photos of my family there!)

North Carolina Zoo

The North Carolina Zoo is located in Asheboro, North Carolina – about 30 miles from Greensboro.  It is the LARGEST natural habitat zoo in the whole world (and I absolutely LOVE it)!  It features over 1100 animals & more than 40,000 kinds of plants spread over 5 miles of shaded pathways.  There is also a carousel, a 4D theater, a fantasticly large play area for the kids (where the kids can even fish for critters!), and giraffe feeding stations just to name a few.  Tickets are $10 for adults, seniors are $8, kids are $6, and under 2 are free.  You can also invest in a yearly membership if you like.  The family membership is just $59 for a year, which is good for 2 adults & all their children.

Natural Science Center of Greensboro & Children’s Museum

The Natural Science Center is a science museum & zoological park located in Greensboro.  It features a dinosaur gallery, gem & mineral galleries, aquatic life touch labs, OmniSphere theater, animal discovery areas, lots of hands on activities, & much more.  Adults are $8, Kids are $7 – and under 2 is free.  The Greensboro Childrens Museum is also a wonderful one to go to!

The Greensboro Arboretum

The Greensboro Arboretum is a 17 acre area of magestic beauty.  It features 12 permanent plant collections & special display gardens, structural features such as a fountain, overlook, arbor, gazebo, bridges, & benches.  Its extensive variety of plants offer rich educational opportunities for both children & adults.  Plus, it’s breathtakingly beautiful.  

Richard Petty Museum

The Bog Garden

The Bog Garden is much like a nature preserve, & is one of the city’s most unusual gardens.  It features a lake & small waterfalls, and is a great place to plan a picnic & enjoy each others company for the day while exploring the beautiful surroundings.

Wet n Wild at Emereld Point

If some fun in the sun & waterslides are more your idea of a good family time, you have to check out Wet n Wild at Emereld Point.  With over 36 rides, there is something for everyone…both mild & wild.  Tickets are $33.99 for adults & $22.99 for kids.

Old Salem

If you want to step back into time, Old Salem is definitely your destination of choice.  In Old Salem, you can walk through a restored Moravian village in a district of Winston Salem from the 1700s.  You can get ticket information here.

Mendenhall Plantation

Hagan Stone Park

Hagan Stone Park consists of 409 acres of natural area with hiking/biking trails, lakes, woods, various open areas & playgrounds.  Pedal boats & miniature golf rentals are available on weekends during the summer months.  Camp Joy’s swimming pool is located just 1/4 mile from the campground area.  

Hanging Rock State Park (LOVE!!)

Hanging Rock State Park is my FAVORITE place to go!  It is a little bit of a drive from Greensboro, but because of how wonderful it is…I just had to include it too.  We go here whenever we can.  It is about an hour & a half (depending on what part you are coming from), but it is definitely worth the drive.  The waterfalls here are just so beautiful & magnificent – they are sure to take your breath away.  Not to mention the beauty of the mountains!  You can even go swimming in the bottoms of some of the waterfalls.  And, their are so many of them to look at.   A day will go back so fast here…it’s just wonderful.  Below are some various pictures of my family there from one of our trips.

What are some of your frugal activities in the Greensboro area?