Beach Scene Kit Kat Cake

This Beach Scene Kit Kat Cake is the cutest! It’s so easy that even people who aren’t good cake decorators, like me, can put it together in a jiffy!


I have a confession to make.

I am absolutely horrible when it comes to decorating cakes. Like really, really terrible. I have no problem at all making cakes taste good, that’s easy. And I can frost a cake rather nicely, if I do say so myself. But decorating it? Not so much.

That speaks volumes to how easy this cake is for anyone to make  – because if I can do it, you most definitely can do it. It’s such an adorable cake and perfect for the summer. It depicts a perfect day at the beach with teddy graham ‘people’ floating in tubes in the ocean & laying out under umbrellas. The cutest, right?


It’s so simple to make this. Here’s what you do – and obviously, make sure to refer to the photos for instruction as well because it’s pretty self explanatory.

First, you’ll need to bake a 2 layer cake. You can make it from scratch or you can use a box mix. The same for the frosting, you can make homemade frosting or use store-bought. I did a boxed cake mix (chocolate) & a homemade cream cheese frosting. Using blue food coloring, dye your frosting an ocean blue & frost your cake.

Now, using 10-12 regular sized kit kat candy bars (breaking them into 2’s), wrap the cake’s circumference with them – pressing them into the frosting to ‘glue’. Tie a blue ribbon around the kit kat cake to secure. Pour graham cracker crumbs on half of the cake for the sand. Place peach rings in the ‘ocean’ & stick a teddy graham into the center of each one. Cut fruit roll-ups into teddy graham sized beach towels – place them on the ‘sand’ side & place a teddy graham on each one. Stick a couple of paper cocktail umbrellas over top of the teddy grahams.

That’s it! You’re all done! If you have any issues at all, just refer back to the photographs – they tell you everything you need to know about putting this adorable cake together!