Chocolate Sea Salt Strawberries & Cream

CHOCOLATE SEA SALT STRAWBERRIES & CREAMlooking for an egg free breakfast idea or maybe just a healthy dessert idea? These yummy fruit bowls have no added sugar, are dairy free, & are super quick to make. I hope that you love them! Whole30 & Paleo friendly too!

I am always trying to get creative with new egg-free breakfast ideas for myself. I love eggs, but I can’t eat a whole bunch of them due to a sensitivity to egg whites… so I eat them more in moderation. The Whole30 resets that I have done have required me to get a little creative in the eggless breakfast department & I’ve come up with some real yummy recipes such as these Fruit Bowls with Cashew Cookie Crumbles & this Berries & Cream Breakfast Crisp.

Today, I’m excited to share another favorite with y’all – Chocolate Sea Salt Strawberries & Cream Bowls.

They are dairy free with no added sugar, so you don’t have to feel bad one bitty bit about this one!

Not only are they healthy, but these are the easiest things ever to make. If you can slice a strawberry, then you can make this recipe. It’s that simple. No baking, no cooking. Just layering the ingredients in a bowl. LOVE ‘recipes’ like that, don’t you?

The cream is canned coconut cream. You get it right in the ethnic food aisle of your local grocery store. It’s pretty easy to find! You can also get it on Amazon. Make sure you keep the cans at room temperature, if you refrigerate them then the milk & cream separate and we don’t want that! Before drizzling the coconut cream over the strawberries, give it a good whisk so that it’s nice and creamy.

The chocolate is actually chopped up Chocolate Sea Salt RX Bars. They are my favorite, both on and off of Whole30. They taste decadent but they are totally good for you. They are a pantry must have, for sure!

Fresh strawberries + coconut cream + chocolate sea salt RxBar = Pure bliss. 

Chocolate Sea Salt Strawberries & Cream Bowls | Whole30 Friendly



  • Place the sliced strawberries in a bowl. Drizzle with coconut cream. Top with a chopped Rxbar. Serve immediately.

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