Easy Monster Sandwich

Make your kids lunch super fun with these easy Monster Sandwiches! They’re so simple & the kiddos will love them!

Easy Monster Sandwiches


My lunch is smiling at me.

Usually, that may not be a good thing…. but when it comes to these adorable monster sandwiches – it’s a great thing.  In just a couple minutes flat, you can turn an everyday basic & boring sandwich into a monsterously exciting meal.

I am completely in love with this concept.

Easy Monster Sandwich - Fun school lunch!

You can make just one for the kids’ lunch – or you can easily make up a huge batch for a party in no time.  All you need are the basic ingredients for a sandwich – plus a toothpick & a couple of olives.

If you’re using condiments & your sandwich will not be eaten immediately, it’s best to spread the condiments between the meat & cheese to keep the bread rom getting soggy.  The meat & cheese will act as a barrier, keeping your bread sog-free.  Or, just serve the condiments on the side.

The pimento stuffed olives gives the best effect, but you could also use small pickles, black olives, etc.  Be creative!

Now eat that sandwich before it eats you… 😉

Easy Monster Sandwiches


  • sandwich bread
  • lunchmeat
  • sliced cheese
  • toothpick
  • pimento stuffed olives


  • Using a glass or biscuit cutter, cut your sandwich bread into rounds. Cut jagged teeth into the edge of your cheese. Stack the lunchmeat & cheese on one of the sandwich bread rounds, leaving the jagged part of the cheese hanging over a bit. Top with the other sandwich bread round. Break the toothpick in half & insert one half into a pimento stuffed olive & the other into the top of the sandwich. Repeat with the other one forming your monster eyes.