Cloud Parfaits

My kids love things like desserts, snacks, and special food treats – and I don’t always have the time to whip up something.  So, having an arsenal of easy, fast ‘special treats’ is a great way to combat the whole zero time issue.

These cloud parfaits are one of my favorites to make.  My kids act like I’ve just spent 10 hours in the kitchen making up a special masterpiece.  In reality, that is no where near the case.  All they are is prepared blue jello & cool whip. Seriously, how much easier can you get?

They are also one of my favorite picnic treats.  The jello & cool whip packs up easily, and they are quickly put together when we reach our destination.  

Cloud Parfaits


  • prepared blue jello
  • cool whip



Layer the prepared blue jello & the cool whip in a clear glass.  Serve.
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