Cracker Stackers with Ham, Cream Cheese, & Cucumbers

 These easy Cracker Stackers are made super flavorful by using CVS Abound’s Lime & Black Pepper Rice Crisp crackers plus cucumber, cream cheese, & ham.  Your kids will thank you when they see these in there lunchbox!

Cracker Stackers

Many of you have sent your kids back to school this past week – and are trying to do something different with your kids’ lunchbox than the typical peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  Eventually, no matter how big of fans the kiddos are of pb & j’s – they’re gonna want something outside of the sandwich realm.  But as mothers, we already don’t have much time in the mornings, so if we’re gonna travel outside the sandwich realm – it’s gotta be something that is just as easy to prepare!

Enter these Cracker Stackers with Ham, Cream Cheese, & Cucumbers.  These are something you can’t get in one of those storebought pre-packaged cracker lunch kits – these are something that are so good, you may even want to serve yourself for lunch or have as an appetizer. Instead of using boring ol’ crackers, I’ve used the cracker line from CVS Abound – my favorite being the lime & black pepper baked rice thins. I think they really make this easy lunchbox meal! (Also, fab for an appetizer!)

Cracker Stackers


These come together super fast, and they’re also super flavorful.

Here’s what you need:

Cracker Stackers

Like I said, I really love the lime & black pepper rice thins the best. They have SO much flavor packed in such a tiny package.  My oldest & youngest child also like those the best – while my middle child loves the sea salt rice crisps best.

Spread just a smidgen of cream cheese on each cracker.  You don’t need much – this is the ‘glue’ to hold the meat on.

Cracker Stackers

Roll up a piece of ham (or turkey) and stick it on top of the cream cheese.

Then place a little slice of cucumber on top of the lunch meat.

That’s it – you’re done!

Cracker Stackers

How pretty is that?  I’m telling you – those lime & black pepper crackers make this!

The sides you see in our lunchables are from the CVS Abound line too (can you tell I’m a huge fan?!) In the top one, I paired the crackers stackers with the Cranberry Oat Bran Cookies (which are decadent tasting!) & the sweet & nutty probiotic trail mix (my favorite!).

The bottom one is paired with the Heavenly Light Popcorn, carrot sticks, & superfruit snack bars (which is what we’ve replaced fruit rollups with!)

Cracker Stackers

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Disclosure: I have teamed up with CVS to promote their new line, abound – which I truly love & am excited about! I was compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed & any general ramblings are all my own, as always.