Day of the Dead Hummus

Day of the Dead Hummus – this is perfect for Halloween!

This is just too cute and is super easy to put together.

There is a video tutorial at the bottom of this post for a guide!

Day of the Dead Hummus

The other day, I was scrolling through Instagram where I came across a post from a girl I follow from my old church. The post was a picture of a day of the dead hummus dip that she had made. I asked her where she had gotten the idea, and she led me to a really great blog who came up with it.

The lady behind Forks & Beans created this super decorative hummus & I totally copied her pictures to make my own Day of the Dead Hummus… or Dia de los Muertos Hummus. The next event that I had to make a dish for, this is what I brought and it totally wowed everyone who saw it. It came together so easily and I just had to show y’all too.

Didn’t it turn out adorable? I’m super happy with how it turned out!

Day of the Dead Hummus

It’s all completely edible.  Just hummus & an assortment of veggies (plus a few almonds). You can use the same veggies that I used or you can get creative and make your own version!

Check out the video below of me putting this Day of the Dead Hummus together. It’s sooo easy!

Don’t like hummus? Try using French onion dip or your favorite dip that holds it shape instead!