Easter Candy Cake with Peeps!

This EASTER CANDY CAKE WITH PEEPS is the cutest – and it couldn’t be any easier to make!

Easter Candy Cake

Can you believe that Easter is just a few weeks away?  Crazy on how fast some holidays seem to creep up on us.

I’ve got a really cute Easter treat idea for you today…  Check out how seriously cute this Easter Candy Cake is!

Easter Candy Cake

Check out how seriously easy this is too!

Take a single round cake layer & frost it with whatever icing of your choice.  Cake mixes work great for this!

Then take 2 boxes of the Peeps bunny rabbits and press them alongside of the edge of the cake to stick. Peeps are like one of the staple Easter items, ya know? They usually come in strips of four, and there is really no need to break the strips before pressing it onto the cake.

Easter Candy Cake


Easter Candy Cake

Now, pour a bag of Easter colored M&M’s (or other pastel candies) in the center.


Told ya it was easy!!

Easter Candy Cake

Caution:  Watch out for little fingers stealing the candy.

Easter Cake

All 3 of my kids seriously thought this was the best cake ever made!  I guess for future reference, I’ll just start pouring candy on top of desserts to really ‘wow’ them.  😉

Easter Candy Cake


Easter Candy Cake


  • 1 single round cake layer 8-9 in. around
  • icing to cover
  • 2 boxes of rabbit peeps
  • pastel Easter candies like M&Ms


  • Frost the single layer round cake layer. Place on a plate or pedestal. Press the rabbit peeps alongside the edge of the cake to secure. Pour in a bag of pastel Easter candy in the middle to complete.