Easy Chocolate Burrito Sundae

Easy 5 Minute Chocolate Burrito Sundae

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately.  We’ve had multiple outbursts of random sicknesses to fall upon our family for the past couple of weeks.  Strep? Check. Flu? Check. The Croup? Check.

In case you were wondering, having a nauseous toddler is not fun.

Everything is behind right now.  The house is dirty.  The laundry has formed a mountain range.  And, there are not many groceries in the house at all.  (I see a grocery trip in my very near future). I hate it when there are not many groceries in the house & I get a sweet tooth.  Thankfully, I had all the things in the house to whip up one of my favorite ultra-fast desserts – because if I didn’t, things were gonna get crazy.  Mama needs her chocolate.

No measurements because this isn’t really a recipe recipe.  More of an I-must-have-something-sweet-like-right-now kind of recipe.

First, the tortilla.  One per person…. or two per person, I won’t tell.  Warm it on med/high for about 30-45 seconds on each side.  I really, really like the TortillaLand fresh flour tortillas (in the refrigerated section) for this.  I recently came across them during a lady handing out samples at my local WalMart, and I fell in love.  They are much thinner than a typical store-bought tortilla…thin but sturdy.  So fresh… They are fantastic – all I ever buy anymore.

Chocolate Burrtio


Toss in a handful of chocolate chips.  I like milk chocolate.

Chocolate Burrito


Start folding it up with a spatula, pressing it down to hold.

Easy Chocolate Burrito Sundae


Now throw in a tablespoon or so of butter.  Get it all on the tortilla & fry it on each side until lightly browned.

Easy 5-Minute Chocolate Burrito Sunday


Easy 5 Minute Chocolate Burrito Sundae


Transfer it to a place & dust with powdered sugar.

Easy 5 Minute Chocolate Burrito Sundae


Now, you can eat it just as it is.  But, where’s the fun in that?

Add whatever toppings you like.  Personally, I like vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, & chocolate chips.

It’s messy…. yes.  Boy, is it ever good though.


Easy 5 Minute Chocolate Burritos

Easy 5 Minute Chocolate Burrito