Easy Holiday Cheese Boards (done 5 ways!)

‘Tis the season! Here’s 5 Easy-Peasy Holiday Cheese Boards to make entertaining your guests simple as can be!

This post is sponsored by Jarlsberg Cheese as part of the weeklong #MerryEats event. All opinions are my own, as always. 

The easiest cheese ball ever - cheese ball on a cutting board with other cheeses and condiments

I absolutely love cheese boards and really always have. I even make them for small meals for myself & my family from time to time… or lunch for myself alllll the time. I love the concept of snacking as a meal. It’s also something that I almost always put out when guests come over – whether it’s a large group of people or just a friend. You can really put just about anything on them to customize to the tastes of everyone. A smorgasbord of your favorite snacks really.

Since it’s the holidays & so many people are entertaining right now, I thought it’d be the perfect time to talk cheese boards with y’all. So, I’ve created 5 holiday themed ones for you all – and they’re EASY. Like, really easy y’all. You don’t have even to be named Martha to pull them off 😉 Perfect for this busy time of year when you don’t have much time but want to still make a great presentation.

But first…

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5 Easy-Peasy HOLIDAY CHEESE BOARDS that you can pull off in minutes & they’re guaranteed to WOW all your guests.

All of these work great served on a large cutting board, baking tray, or straight on the tabletop for that matter!

I’ve used my longtime go-to for my cheeseboards below, Jarlsberg. Jarlsberg cheese has been one of America’s favorite speciality cheeses for over 60 years – still using the same secret recipe developed in Norway in 1956. It’s such a versatile cheese that can be used for all types of foods (think pizza, in salad, melted, on a burger, etc) – it has a distinct, sharp, & nutty taste with just the right amount of tang and a smooth, creamy texture. One bite & I think you’ll see why I love it so much.

jarlsburg cheese

1. Christmas Tree – oh Christmas Tree!

  • In this cheese board, I simply alternated ingredients to make the layers in the Christmas tree, using apples & celery leaves to make an angel topper. I used celery for the stalk of the tree. In the tree itself, from bottom to top – assorted crackers, sliced red bell pepper, salami sliced in half, sliced Envy apples, sandwich pepperoni sliced in half, Jarlsberg cheese, celery sticks, crackers, & more Jarlsberg cheese. tip: Jarlsberg cheese is so absolutely fantastic with a piece of pepperoni or salami wrapped around it. :drool:

Christmas Tree Cheese Board for the holidays

Christmas Tree cheese board

2. I like Christmas Trees – don’t we all?

  • Another take on the Christmas tree cheese plate is to add ‘evergreen leaves’ – or in this case, springs of fresh rosemary. Just add in the sprigs of fresh rosemary intermittently between the layers. I had a cute star dish & poured some ranch dressing inside for everyone’s dipping pleasure… you could also use a star cookie cutter & cut a slice of cheese for a star… or just leave the star off completely.

Christmas Tree Cheese Board

3. Christmas Wreaths aren’t just for the door anymore…

  • I pulled out the fresh rosemary springs again for this one! I simply just layed them around in a circle to form a wreath shape. Then, I carefully placed little piles of Jarlsberg cheese & NatureSweet tomatoes around the wreath. For the bow, I used 2 of the tomatoes with a tiny piece of cheese on the center of each one – and two red pepper strips for the tail of the bow. The Pesto Ranch dip in the center is easy too! I combined equal parts of store-bought pesto & ranch dressing in a small, round dish. Then I placed small sprigs of rosemary around the outside edge, & a tiny tomato & pepper ‘bow’ at the bottom. Super easy & super cute!

Wreath Cheese Board

wreath cheese board

4. Do you want to build a snowman?

  • So cute – so easy! A big pile of cubed Jarlsberg cheese for the bottom snowball (the color is perfect!), a pile of crackers for the middle, & a pile of peeled Envy apples & Rainier Pears for the head (Envy apples don’t brown you guys so they’re the perfect apple for a cheeseboard!). For the buttons, I used 3 slices of black olive – the scarf, nose, & mouth is sliced red bell peppers, & the eyes & arms are celery.

snowman cheese board

5. Candy Cane – the simplest of all!

  • Sliced red peppers, pepperoni, & Jarlsberg cheese. 3 flavors that work SO well together arranged in a red & white pattern to resemble a candy cane.

candy cane cheese board

Aren’t those awesome?! A Holiday cheese board couldn’t be simpler! Even when you don’t have much time, you can quickly create one of these & your guests will be so impressed.

If you use any of these (or a creation based on these!) – I’d love to see them! Post your pictures on Instagram & use the hashtag #MerryEats & tag me @MrsHappyHomemaker 


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