Frankenguac - Halloween Frankenstein Guacamole

Here’s an easy one for your next spook-tacular get together… Frankenguac!  Halloween… birthday parties… or just because.

It’s easy as can be – and as yummy as your favorite guacamole.

You will need:

  • guacamole (make your own or buy some at the store)
  • blue corn tortilla chips
  • refried black beans
  • sour cream
  • black olives
  • plastic ziploc bags

Take your guacamole (make your own or cheat & buy some pre-made at the store) and shape it into a short rectangle. I use a bench scrape to make it super easy. Now, put some sour cream in a plastic ziploc bag… and do the same to some of the refried black beans. Snip off the tip end of the ziploc bag to use it for piping.

Pipe on the white of the eyeballs with the sour cream.

Frankenguac - piping sour cream eyes

Make the pupils by piping on some refried black beans.

Frankenguac - Halloween Frankenstein Guacamole

Pipe on a Frankenstein scar & a zigzag mouth – and finish him off with a black olive nose & a black olive on each side of his ‘neck’ for ol Frank’s bolts. Now, place a mess of blue corn chips on top for his hair and you’re all done!

Frankenguac - Halloween Frankenstein Guacamole

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Frankenguac - Halloween Frankenstein Guacamole