I didn’t know what to call this post… so I called it what I’m about to tell you gives me. Goosebumps.

This isn’t going to be anything long – a super fast read really. This is something that occurred to me not long after my husband passed away back in July & as I’m sitting here reflecting on the past 4 months and I started thinking about it again. I figured I’d share what gives me goosebumps.

Remember this post?

I had collided with a semi truck going about 45 mph just a few days before. The date of the accident was exactly 30 days before Michael passed away. It was a bad accident, as you can well imagine with hitting a semi truck and all. But by a miracle, I walked away without any life threatening injuries. A little battered, bruised, & sore… but I walked away. I had an angel that my mother gave me clipped to the visor above my head & right before my face collided with the airbag, I saw it sparkle out of the corner of my eye. Not a light-just-hit-it sparklebut a full on sparkle. It effected me so much that I wrote that post. Needless to say, that angel is in my new car to this date.

It literally sends shivers up & down my spine..and goosebumps on my arms when I think about it. 30 days to the date. To me, as sad as it is, someone upstairs knew that we were going to lose our precious Michael… and our 3 children were about to need me more than ever.

Lots of shivers down my spine. Tons of goosebumps. Super thankful to still be here with my kids. I need them just as much as they need me. ~Crystal ♥