It’s Back – Double Strength Vanilla Extract for Sale!!

It’s back! My handmade Double Strength Vanilla Extract is BACK! I know so many of you have been waiting for it to make it’s return for the holidays, and here it is. If you’ve ordered my vanilla extract before, then you know how fast it sells out – so this time I made more hoping that everyone gets one that wants one.


I also made a very small limited quantity of Bourbon Double Strength Vanilla Extract due to request. It’s made the same way that I make my double strength vanilla extract but I use good bourbon instead. It’s so good!

This is double strength, which means you only half of what your recipes call for – so a bottle of this will last you twice as long as your normal vanilla extract! My vanilla has been brewed with high quality organic Madagascar beans for a period of 7 months in a dark cool location, making this extract absolutely spectacular! Right away, you will notice a huge difference between this & store-bought. It’s darker, stronger, & you will see beautiful tiny flakes of vanilla bean with each teaspoon you use. When I say it’s divine – oh, it’s DIVINE. Each bottle of vanilla contains a vanilla bean inside.

I’m offering this in limited quantities – once it’s gone, it’s gone until the summer time. It takes 6-7 months to properly age the double strength vanilla extract which is why I only offer it in smaller batches twice a year.

The vanilla extract goes FAST! Every single time I have offered it up for sale, it completely sells out within 24-48 hours! So, hurry – get it while you can! Save on shipping by ordering more than one. Each additional bottle ships for 50 cents!

Get the regular vanilla extract here.

Get the bourbon vanilla extract here.

I’ve also started selling some of my old cookbooks I’ve come across over the years at estate sales & such – so take a look and save on shipping costs!