Make-It-Fresh! Sub Sandwich – Homemade Lunchable


I had the pleasure of meeting Laura from MOMables while on the California Dairy Tour. We recently decided to get together to do a back to school series.  MOMables has all sorts of homemade, fresh ideas for your kids lunchbox – great ideas just like the one she is sharing today.  

We all know that making a sandwich is not rocket science, so don’t settle for the prepackaged ones! They may be convenient, but are severely lacking in nutrition and content.

The boxed sub sandwich lunch contains a small loaf of bread, pressed turkey lunch meat, and processed cheese slices, all individually wrapped in plastic, plus a squeeze packet of mayonnaise and a tiny marshmallow rice krispy treat. When I look at this, all I see is processed foods and lots of plastic waste! Besides that, where are the fruits and vegetables?
If my kids were left with only this, they’d be starving after lunch! If our kids aren’t getting a filling and balanced meal, how can we expect them to preform and behave at their best?

At MOMables™ we take on those boxed lunches and remake them healthier, fresh and quickly. We realize all grocery budgets are not the same, but it doesn’t take much more to use real turkey breast, real cheddar cheese and real whole wheat bread. Our lunch includes fruit too! Something the boxed lunch was missing. I suppose you can also include a homemade rice krispy treat.

By taking a few moments to pack healthy lunches for my family, I get the satisfaction of knowing they have nutritious food that is real and fresh.  This is what their bodies need instead of fillers, artificial ingredients and preservatives. I feel good when they feel good!

Laura Fuentes shows parents how to make fresh school lunches over at MOMables™.  A wife, mother of 3 and a lunch enthusiast who insists on healthy, wholesome food for her family.  
On her personal blog, Super Glue Mom, she writes about managing motherhood on a deadline.  She’s also a food contributor and recipe developer to numerous sites, and helps busy parents overcome the difficulties of cooking real food in a hurry. You can find Laura on Twitter and on Facebook and MOMables on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest