Pure Double Strength Vanilla Extract for Sale – SOLD OUT!!

It’s that time again!  I have been working on brewing a large batch of double strength vanilla extract for ya’ll – and it’s ready, just in time for the holidays!  Double strength as in you only need half as much as your recipe calls for – which makes a bottle of this lasting you twice as long as a normal strength extract would!  This is the good stuff 🙂

Of course, I encourage you to make your own vanilla extract.  But, if you don’t have the time or patience – or just want some to use while your batch is brewing, I’ve got you covered.

Each bottle of vanilla extract is pure, double strength, and comes with a vanilla bean inside of each one.  They are bottled in dark amber glass bottles, and packaged carefully to be sent to you.  Each one has a pretty little label just like the ones in the picture so they would be perfect for Christmas gifts as well.


I am offering these in  2oz, 4oz bottles as well as 8oz bottles.

2oz $9.00

4oz $16.00

8oz $27.00

Please remember, these go FAST.  Last time I offered them, they were gone in 48 hours.  Get yours while you can!  I will update the post when they are sold out in each size.


Continental 48 states of the USA only!