Easy Snowmen on a Candy Cane Sled Treat (Snowmen on a Stick too!)

Snowman Sled

How cute are these little snowmen on candy cane sleds? Totally cute, right?!  I sure think so, and more importantly – my kids do!

We had such fun putting them together, kids and adults alike.  And, it helps that they’re super easy too.

Snowmen on a Sled

You need:

  • marshmallows (regular sized, not mini)
  • miniature candy canes
  • snack sized Hershey’s bars
  • chocolate/black cookie icing
  • pretzel sticks


The sled is made from a snack sized Hershey chocolate bar plus 2 miniature candy canes. I found that taking the very end ‘block’ off of the Hershey’s snack sized bar makes the best sled.  Like this.

Snowmen Sled


You need some cookie icing to adhere a lot of the things together.  You can find it in the baking aisle of most stores.

cookie icing

Pipe the cookie icing along one long side of the Hershey’s bar, and press on the miniature candy cane to adhere it to each other.  Hold tightly in place for about a minute for it to ‘stick’.  Repeat with the other side.  At this point, I pop mine into the freezer to really get that cookie icing firmed up holding my ‘sled’ together.

Snowmen Sled

Once it’s all stuck together, it’s time to make your snowmen.

Just take 2 marshmallows, and insert a half of a pretzel stick into the top of one and into the bottom of another making your snowman body.  Give him eyes, a nose, & buttons with the cookie icing – and insert a half of a pretzel stick into the bottom half of your snowman so he has arms.  Then, use cookie icing on the bottom of your snowman to ‘glue’ him on his Hershey’s sled – press down firmly and hold for a few seconds.  Pop back into the freezer or fridge for a few minute for it all to set.

Snowmen Sled

Now, if you want to simple it down just a little bit more, you can just pop 3 marshmallows on a kabob skewer, draw on the eyes & buttons with cookie icing – and stick in it’s little pretzel arms, and you’re all done!

Snowmen on a Stick