Valentines Cards with 3D Appeal

I first saw the idea for these super cute Valentines cards on Pinterest, and I fell in love with them.  Every year, our homeschool group has an annual Valentines party – and I thought these would be so neat to hand out this year.  

Since we have a party for all the homeschool kids together, and not just individual grades – I thought it would be cute (and cheaper) to get both my daughters together with their fists outreached and right beside each other for a joint card.

Whether you have one kid in the photo or two – the process is the same. Have your child hold out their fist in an upward position.  Stand on a stool or chair and take a picture.  Once developed, cut a slit in the picture at the top of their fist and another at the bottom.  Stick a sucker right in the opening, and ta-da – you’re done!  The slit with the sucker gives the hands a 3D effect.  Very cool!

I ordered my cards through  I added 24 of them to my cart, and then used the code 25FREE.  I paid about $3.00 for shipping.  I am not sure how long that code is good for though.  You can do cards, or just regular photographs.

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