Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream – Dairy Free

This Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream not only rhymes, but is much healthier way to enjoy the vanilla ice cream that we all know & love. It’s also dairy free, making it a great option for those who are dairy/lactose intolerant.

It only has 3 ingredients, so it’s definitely easy & budget friendly – plus you can pronounce all the ingredients in it! Definitely a plus in my book.  You don’t even have to have an ice cream maker to pull if off either, although you can use one for faster preparation.

Note: since this is made with coconut milk, it does tend to melt faster.  

Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream


  • 2 14oz cans full-fat coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1 vanilla bean split & insides scraped out with a knife (you can also substitute 2 tablespoons of real vanilla extract for the vanilla beans)


  • Thoroughly combine the coconut milk, honey, & the insides of the vanilla bean with a whisk or electric mixer. Make sure you beat it well for the honey to combine with the coconut milk.
  • If using an ice cream maker, follow the manufacturers instructions. Afterwards, place the ice cream in a covered freezer-safe container & freeze for a few hours for flavors to meld & for the ice cream to firm up.
  • Alternatively, if not using an ice cream maker, place the combined mixture into a glass or steel bowl, cover with plastic wrap, & freeze – removing every hour to whisk it until it’s the desired consistency. This will last 1-2 weeks in the freezer.