Vanilla Beans for an Amazing Price!!

Premium Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla Beans - 1/2 lb. - Approx. 54 beans

Currently, you can get 1/2 Pound of Vanilla Beans (about 54 beans) for just $22.29 (and free shipping!).  Anyone that buys vanilla beans regularly knows what an amazing deal this is!  

I bought a bag of them to make some homemade vanilla extract (1/2 gallons worth to be exact!), which I will show you how to do once my beans get here.  If you would like to make some along with me, now is the time to grab those vanilla beans since the price is so cheap right now.  

Making your own vanilla extract not only tastes better than the conventional stuff you buy in the supermarkets (which if you look at the label, you will see that it is usually watered down & other ingredients are also sometimes added) but it is also more economical.  With the current deal, it works out to just $0.66 an ounce!

At such a good price, this is one that is hard to pass up for us cooking/baking enthusiasts!