Clean Your Ceiling Fan with a Pillowcase – NO MESS!

How to clean a ceiling fan with NO MESS!

Have you ever cleaned your ceiling fan, but wound up with everything you cleaned off the fan on your floor?  I think that’s a common problem with cleaning ceiling fans.  I have a friend that used to just keep hers running all the time so no one would see how dirty it was. That was, until I showed her how to clean it without making a mess!

The trick is using a pillowcase.  Yep, just a regular pillowcase.  You just insert each fan blade into the pillowcase, use your hand to press the fabric onto the blades, and pull outwards.  The pillowcase will catch all that dust that accumulates up there, leaving no mess on the floor.

Like this… here’s my dirty fan…. that I allowed to get extra dirty just for this post.  Y’all have no idea how hard this was for me!  Ick.

How to clean a ceiling fan with no mess!


And here’s my pillowcase about to do it’s job.  I use a really old & discolored pillowcase, and use the same one each time I clean my fans (as you probably can tell!).

How to clean a ceiling fan with NO MESS!

When you’re done – simply take the pillowcase outside, turn it inside out, and shake it all out.  Then, just throw it in the washing machine.

If you have any nooks & crannies on your fan, like I do where the fan blades begin – you can use a Q-tip to clean those parts right off.

How to clean a ceiling fan with no mess!


Now, you have a sparkling clean ceiling fan…. and your floors aren’t covered in dust!

How to clean a ceiling fan with no mess!


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  • Kacy

    There is a car product called Slick Mist by Lucas Oil, that I spray into clean fans and blinds. It will keep the dust from sticking to the surface of the fore mentioned. I applied Slick Mist to 2″ window blinds 3 or 4 years ago and I still only “swifter” them a few times a year, except in the bathroom where its humid and hair spray flies. They are still slick. I purchase Slick Mist at Auto Zone here in California. It is worth looking for and finding.

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