11 Awesome Jack-o-lanterns

11 awesome jackolantern design ideas in a collage


I’m loving these wonderful Jack-o-lantern ideas.

Check out 11 of my favorites!

Jackolantern fake eating a fake leg - jackolantern idea

Witch Jackolantern

Haunted House designed Jackolantern

pumpkin with holes poked all over and lights inside - fall/halloween front porch decoration

scary face jackolantern with the stem used as the nose

carved jackolantern that looks like Jack Skelington lit up

evil face carved jackolantern lit up

evil face carved jackolantern that is lit up

pumpkin carved and painted to look like the Cookie Monster with cookies coming out of it's 'mouth'

jackolantern 'fake eating' another smaller jackolantern

jackolantern vomiting pumpkin seeds