Creamy Crockpot Hot Cocoa {Best Ever!}

Creamy Crockpot Hot Cocoa – I guarantee you that this is the BEST YOU’VE EVER HAD! It is so delicious, you may want to lick the crockpot afterwards.

I meant to start my Holiday goodies series on December 1st, but if you keep up with me on  my facebook page, then you know that we had a water mishap.  A switch had gone bad on our water tank, & we had NO running water in the house for nearly 2 days.  We were filling up containers of water from the neighbor’s outdoor spigot, & using that for all of our water needs.  I had NO idea that it takes nearly 3 gallons of water to simply flush a toilet!  If anything, my 2 day experience with no running water made me appreciate it so much more.  I was cooking during the ordeal, then it came time to do the dishes – but kinda hard to do without water!  I am SO glad that is over with now.

BEST EVER Crockpot Hot Cocoa

I am starting off the Holiday goody season with my recipe for Hot Cocoa in the Crockpot.  This isn’t Swiss Miss, folks.  This is the real deal!  On a chilly day, it warms you from the inside out.  Serve it to a child, & you will see their face light up like a Christmas tree.  Proof in point – here is my daughter, Madison after just drinking a swallow.

Decadent doesn’t even begin to describe this.  I’m serious – this is the BEST hot cocoa.  Ever.

Stir the cream, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, milk, & vanilla together in your crockpot.

Cover, & cook on low for 2 hours – coming back to whisk it every so often.

How easy is that?!?

Now, just ladle the hot cocoa into mugs….

Garnish with marshmallows or whipped cream if desired.  I personally love marshmallows with mine.

Sit, relax, & drink this down!  Or, if you are like my oldest daughter – guzzle it down in the kitchen & grab another mug before Daddy gets home & drinks the pot full :)

This serves 6-8 people, depending upon how big of mugs you use – and I used a 5 quart crockpot in my pictures.

Creamy Crockpot Hot Cocoa {Best Ever!}
  • 1.5 cups whipping cream
  • 1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
  • 6 cups milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 cups of chocolate chips (milk chocolate OR semi-sweet depending on how sweet you like it. I have a heck of a sweet tooth, and I love the milk chocolate, but others prefer the semi-sweet)
  1. Stir together the whipping cream, milk, vanilla, and chocolate chips in a crockpot.
  2. Cover and cook on low for 2 hours, stirring occasionally, until mixture is hot and chocolate chips are melted. Stir again before serving. Garnish as desired.

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  • I’m your newest happy follower.

  • Oh, this sounds and looks delish!

    Thanks so much for linking it up to my party!

  • Looks yummy. Your daughter’s face says it all! I’m giving it a try.

  • It never occured to me to make hot cocoa in the slow cooker! What a great idea, especially for a party.

  • Yum! I just love hot chocolate!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites! Hope to see you again this week! Also, I’d like to invite you to my Holly Bloggy Christmas Recipe Party next Thursday!

  • Love it – so easy!

  • Oh my, this sounds good indeed! How can anything containing condensedmilk not taste divine?! (i eat condensedmilk straight from the can if i’m short on chocoate or something and get a sweet craving.) Hehe.
    But wow…it has to cook for 2 hours?!?! Is there a particular reason that it has to cook so long? How will the taste be different it it’s only boiled for say 5 mins?
    I’m a new follower btw! 🙂

  • It wouldn’t taste any different at all really if you did it on the stovetop! I do it in the slowcooker because it makes so much, and that makes it easy to keep it warm for a while, and keep coming back for more – without worrying about it scorching.

  • Anonymous

    How much does this recipe make? It sounds delicious and perfect for my winter wedding desert reception!

  • I am making this for the second time (the first time was about a week ago). This hot chocolate is awesome! Next time I will make it with white chocolate chips. Very creamy and not too hot-just the right temperature by the time it’s all mixed and heated. I’m glad I finally found a recipe from a blog that actually is the best like it claims to be!

  • Joann

    Sounds wonderful will be trying this recipe this weekend. Thank you for sharing.

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  • liz

    How would I make this if I don’t have a crockpot? Sounds divine!

    • Just combine it in a large pot and cook it on low on the stovetop until hot 🙂

    • French Toasty

      Simmer on low on stove 🙂

  • Allissia

    Can’t wait to make this, sounds perfect!

  • sue

    can you double the recipe?

    • Of course!

      • Jessica

        If you double it, will it still fit in the 5 quart crockpot?

    • slickmwilly


  • I assume you mean heavy whipping cream rather than “cool whip” type? Just checking! Thanks, it sounds delicious! 🙂

    • Yes, heavy whipping cream 🙂

  • Manon

    I made this and it was way to sweet, even for the kids at my party:(

    • It is a rich & decadent cup of hot cocoa. You can reduce the sweetness of it by using semi-sweet chocolate chips instead.

  • FrenchToasty

    Very sweet hot cocoa, and so delicious! Best when piping hot from the pot.

  • Delish! We had this after trick-or-treat last night YUM

  • Britt28

    I fixed this for our church fellowship night(we had a hayride) Everyone LOVED it and asked for the recipe! Thank you for sharing. Next time I think I’m going to try white chocolate chips 🙂

    • Kami

      did you double?

  • Christine

    I only have semi sweet chocolate chips, do you think that would work? Or would it not be sweet enough?

    • Britt28

      I used semi sweet and it was perfect!

    • That would work just fine, just not as sweet – but it would still be really yummy!

  • Amber

    how many people does this serve?

    • About 8, depending on the size of your mugs.

    • disqus_ReceqhqzMt

      “This serves 6-8 people, depending upon how big of mugs you use – and I used a 5 quart crockpot in my pictures.”

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  • Jayme

    I love your temptations dishes and mugs! I have them as well in cranberry and yellow!

  • Magikmakeup

    there are several recipes on the internet exact to this one, so im not sure who can claim it’s “theirs” but it’s good.

  • Leslie

    This looks absolutely divine! I have a Christmas Cookies & Cocoa party every year, and I might use this recipe for the hot cocoa!!! haha, I love your little girl’s face with her mug in hand…that’s how happy I get with hot cocoa, too! 🙂

  • Can you store the left over in the fridge and then reheat?

    • Yes, you certainly can.

    • Crestgirl22

      Did it reheat well?

      • Po

        I made some last night and just reheated it in the microwave by the mug today. It tasted just as good as it did last night. Just make sure you stir it up really well before pouring into mugs, because the chocolate kinda creates a “skin” on top of the milk, it kinda breaks back into shavings and melts back into the liquid when reheated.

    • I have never tried it myself, but I have other readers who have with good results.

    • whitney

      We froze our leftovers and ate it frozen….it made a delicious ice cream treat!!!__

      • What a great idea – I love that!

    • kjoslyn78

      leftovers? with 6 of us, we doubled a double batch like it was air – LOL

  • Kim

    On the picture it doesn’t say you need sweetened condensed milk. Can I make it without it? How will it change the taste?

    • Yes, that’s because the original recipe didn’t require it…it called for extra heavy cream. Once when I went to make it, I didn’t have enough heavy cream so I used sweetened condensed milk – and it was unbelievable, and quite literally the best hot cocoa I’d ever had. You can omit the sweetened condensed milk and replace it with heavy cream – and it will still be good, just not quite as rich.

    • Yes, the picture is from the original recipe. The sweetened condensed milk came from a mistake I made later on, and it turned out even better – so I edited the recipe & renamed it ‘best ever’ 🙂

  • chefL

    very good! measurements could use some slight tweeking. although I recommend semi-sweet chocolate chips because with milk chocolate it will be too sweet and almost undrinkable (it’s not at all enjoyable to drink an entire cup of pure sugar and milkfat!) I also add a sprinkle of cinnamon at the beginning

  • Sam

    I only have 1 cup of whipping cream. Will it turn out alright if I replace the other 1/2 cup with milk?

    • Yes, it will still turn out well. 🙂

  • Do you think I could do a hot chocolate bar this way?

  • Po

    I made this last night. It was super easy to make and delicious. It is on the sweet side which I don’t mind. It is more of what i would call “Hot Chocolate” as it is sweeter than Hot Cocoa. But it was amazing. Thanks for posting the great recipe!

  • Katie

    What kind of milk do you use? Skim, 2%, or whole?

    • I’ve used both 2% and whole with equally great results. I’ve never tried skim before because I’m not much of a fan of it.

    • I’ve used both 2% and whole with equally great results. I’ve never tried skim before because I’m not much of a fan of it.

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  • Rhiannon Kay

    Making this for my cookie exchange party next weekend. Going to add splash of marshmellow vodka to it, if they want. Thanks for the recipe!

  • bjm5596

    This did not work well for me. I doubled the recipe for a slumber party and the chocolate never seemed to melt thoroughly. I even used my stick blender which helped some but I wasn’t pleased with the outcome. Maybe because I doubled the recipe but the comments said you could do that. Won’t make again.

    • Laura

      I made it one time and it came out perfect like the picture above. Second time I made it it came out as you described. will pre-melt next time just in case.. problem solved!

  • Kellie

    Just had to say love your temptations dish set! I’m a confetti girl myself lol. I’ll be giving this recipe a try for my daughters winter wonderland hot chocolate bar this Sat.

  • Melissa H

    Sound delish! Will it be ok for the milk to “sit out” for several hours?

    • Yes, it’s certainly fine as the milk really isn’t sitting out, but being warmed 🙂

  • What kind of chocolate chips do you use???

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  • Stephanie

    Soo yummy!!!! I used those Andes mint pieces for cookies in place of chocolate chips though and it was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • Amazing! I made this tonight for some moms and it was so good. I also did a hot chocolate bar, which is fun. Thank you!

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  • Sarah J.

    I made this last week for my husbands work party hosted at our home. I was skeptical at first, since my other pinterest recipe did not turn out at all. This recipe is wonderful and delicious! Make sure that you put your crock-pot on warm during the party. I had used several crock-pots and the one I had this in, only had a low and high setting and it was HOT! We set out flavored marshmallows and crushed peppermint for everyone to add in. I had many compliments, so thank you to the person who posted this recipe!

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  • Stephanie

    Really was best ever! Only I made it stove top and then transferred to a crockpot to keep warm.

  • Tiffany b.

    If you use chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips, it will help with the chocolate separation. Chocolate chips have stabilizers in then to help hold their shape and not completely melt away when you are baking then in a cookie whereas chocolate chunks usually do not have these stabilizers in them because they are used more for melting and not holding their shape. Hope this tip helps!

    • Kami

      how many chocolate chunks did you use instead of the chips? I am making this for Christmas eve

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  • DJ

    Made this for a party and it was a huge hit! Thank you!

  • Leah

    When it says whipping cream, is that just the cream or after its whipped?

    • It’s just the cream. Heavy cream 🙂

      • Jodi Pittman Johnston

        The recipe does not specify so do I have to use Heavy Whipping Cream? I bought just Whipping Cream (different from whipped topping).

        • Heavy whipping cream is fine too.

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  • I made this today for my staff and it was fabulous!

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  • lalamcphee

    I made this for a birthday party and a few people enjoyed it, but it was much too sweet for most of us. It really “coats the mouth”. I used skim milk, so I cannot imagine using whole milk with this! It definitely tasted yummy, but I couldn’t get past the feeling it left in my mouth.

  • Shauna UT

    Just made this tonight and it was a huge success! I didn’t know how much it would be loved. We did make a triple batch but found there was only one can put condensed milk left so for the remaining 2 cans we used an evap milk and a can of coconut milk. Rave reviews!

  • Shari Daugherty

    I’m making this Christmas morning—can’t wait!! I know it’ll be yummy, anything with sweetened condensed milk is delish!! Thanks for the recipe! Merry Christmas!!

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  • michelle

    How many choclate chunks do you use???

  • Dianne

    This was so good! Seriously the best ever! My only complaint is that my crock pot didn’t get it hot enough.

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  • Jan

    I made this tonight. It was just too sweet. I really wanted to love it.

    • If you don’t like really sweet things, you should definitely use semi sweet chocolate chips. It will even out the sweetness. Or, you could just replace the sweetened condensed milk with extra heavy cream. Hope this helps!

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  • Jessica

    Did you have to use two crockpots?

  • Jessica

    If you double the recipe, will it still fit in the 5 quart crockpot okay? It seems like it would be fine, but I thought I’d check from someone who has maybe tried it. Thanks!

    • As long as it fits, you’re good!

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  • ♥ I love this recipe, and your photos are wonderful…If your little girl is shown in the photo, she’s just beautiful 🙂 Can’t wait for COOL weather so I can try this and enjoy – then again, why not just turn down the a/c and have this yummy hot chocolate…Love mini marshmallows in mine as well – with whipped cream!

    • Thank you so much, Sasha! And yes, that’s my middle daughter in the photos – she is very beautiful, but afterall – I’m a little biased 😉

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  • Donna Lynn

    I made it with Andes Mints (the little ones for baking) + chocolate 🙂

  • Hayley

    Is it 1 and 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream or just 1/2 cup?

    • It’s 1 & 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream.

  • TJ

    Hi there! I wanted to let you know I featured you on Sugar Blossoms today. Stop
    by and check it out!

  • Terry

    Trying this tonight with semi-sweet chocolate! Can hardly wait!!

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  • Melissa L

    How long does it take to have the chocolate chips to melt? I was thinking this would be a good recipe to make before we leave for the parade.

  • jolyn

    Can this be done in a pot over low heat?

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  • Cheryl @ Thinking About Home

    Heavens to Betsy! This confirmed coffee girl is drooling at the sight of your hot cocoa! 😀

  • Daniela Walsh

    This hot cocoa is THE BEST EVER. I used it for my hot cocoa bar! I posted about it here and of course bragged about your recipe! 🙂

    Thanks for the idea!

    Put A Bird On It

    • Thanks for the great tip!

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  • nickelpenny

    I made this for a cookie exchange this past weekend. It was part of a hot chocolate bar featuring homemade marshmallows 🙂 It was verrrrrry sweet. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips, but it was still too sweet for my taste. My husband actually watered his down with water. I want to try it again because it is so easy and not as much mess as when I make it on the stovetop, but I will either omit the sweetened condensed milk or use bittersweet chocolate instead. Thanks for the idea of doing this in the slow cooker!

  • kjoslyn78

    We love this recipe!
    We made a double batch last year – as we always drink hot chocolate while watching Polar Express on Christmas eve, after opening 1 gift (always brand new PJs). Best ever
    I used my 6qt crock. What kind of milk wasn’t made specific, so I used what we drink, 1% milk (given the heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk, i dont think you could tell), and with making the double batch, we did 1 12oz bag of milk chocolate chips, and 1 12oz bag of semi-sweet chips.

    Can’t wait to have it again this year!

  • Bobbie Chappell

    Do you think this could be made in a roasting oven on 150-160? I have a giant group of people coming for a party and I don’t think my crockpot can handle this job.

  • Chrissy Ellis

    Made this for the family this morning and OMGoodness!!! SO yummy!! I did it with some mint chips in place of the chocolate and garnished with Cool Whip and some chocolate curls! YUMMY!!!

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  • Mel

    Can you use cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips?

    • I’ve never used that before, so I can’t give a recommendation if you could or not.

  • Jenna

    I just put mine on to cook. I had no whipping cream on hand so am trying evaporated milk and also used 1 1/2 c milk ch with1/2 cup semi sweet (we like it sweet). Hope it will turn out.

  • Lubaru

    I made this for my christmas party and EVERYONE loved it. Thank you for the recipe 🙂

  • Daisy

    I made this for a few folks working the night shift with me at work and they just loved it! There was even a “buzz” around the office about it! LOL In fact, four people have asked me to send the recipe!

    • So glad everyone enjoyed it – and I love that there is a ‘buzz’ now, awesome! 🙂

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  • Cindy

    I’m wanting to serve 22 students this delicious looking hot chocolate. Do you think I will need to double the recipe if everyone just got 1 (medium sized foam) cup?

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  • Celeste

    I need to make enough to serve 40 people. Can you double or triple the recipe?

  • Trish

    I love hot cocoa and this sounds delicious. I am pinning this.

  • This looks so good! =)

  • Chelsey

    I love homemade hot chocolate, but I hate standing over the stove to make it. This is perfect! Definitely pinning to use this winter.

    Found you on Showcase Your Talent. Thanks for sharing!

  • This looks delicious! My kids absolutely love hot chocolate when it snows. I think it is going to be that time very soon :). I love the idea of freezing the leftovers. I’m definitely trying this. Thanks!

  • Emily

    I was thinking of doing a hot cocoa bar for Christmas this year. I haven’t been able to find anything on the internet about this… I was wondering if you could just do a milk base in the crock pot? Then add various types of chocolate to your cups (for example, abuelita {my new favorite obsession}, white chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate chips, etc) so everyone can have the type of cocoa they want. Do you think that would work?

    • Marilyn Chapman

      Hi! I am doing a hot chocolate bar for an event and will be offering 4 different flavors of hot chocolate, so I wanted to make just the milk base in the crockpot… did this work for you?

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  • Kim Daniels Lewis

    Oh yum! Perfect for winter. Pinned. Lou Lou Girls

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  • Chelsey

    I’m doing a hot chocolate bar for my sons first birthday since the theme is Winter ONEderland and this sounds perfect! I just am not sure if I need to double to triple this. Has anyone tripled it before? I’m serving about 20 to 24 adults.

    • Debra Keith

      I am doing winter ONEderland for my daughter’s 1st birthday. Did you double or triple? How many did you serve?

  • Tiffany

    This is SUPER sweet and chocolate-y, like too much lol. I used semi-sweet after reading the reviews, even though I have a sweet tooth. But even with the semi-sweet chocolate, it was too much. We were adding milk to our cups trying to weaken it a bit, but it’s a very powerful cup of hot chocolate. I could barely finish one small cup of it without feeling sick.
    I made a hot chocolate bar at my daughter’s birthday party and everyone found it too strong, so it wasn’t only me.

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  • Kim

    Omg! This is so delicious! My extremely fussy boys each had 2 cups….and asked for more! Thanks for a great recipe.

  • Alilrayne

    I wish to make this for a large function, trying to figure out what measurements to use. I realize you used a 5 qt crock pot, but I want it FULL not just a portion. Any ideas? Would really appreciate it! 🙂

    • If you want the crockpot to be filled, I’d recommend doubling the recipe! 🙂

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  • Kaye Collins

    One of my friends made this for a party last night. So amazing!!!

  • Made this as a special treat for my co-workers today (even came in at 6am so it would be done on time!) and they absolutely loved it! I put out all kinds of “fixin’s” out like toffee chips, peanut butter chips, and marshmallows and made a Hot Chocolate Bar. It was a huge hit! It disappeared so quickly that I had to make two batches back-to-back! I’ll be making this again for sure! Thanks so much!!

    • I loved reading this comment! I’m so glad that it turned out so well for yourself & your co-worker – and thanks bunches for taking the time to come back and tell me how much you loved it! It’s our favorite! 🙂

  • Michelle

    I rarely ever leave comments, but this hot cocoa was AMAZING! I made it last night for a tradition my friends and I have where we watch The Holiday and Love, Actually, and this was just so perfect (we were drinking it right as it started to rain!). Thank you for sharing my new favorite hot cocoa recipe!

    • YAYYY!! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this!!! 🙂 So happy you loved it!

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  • Nicole

    So rich and delicious! We served it up with some fresh whipped cream. My daughter said it was the best hot chocolate she has ever had! Merry Christmas!

  • Dani

    Can I use heavy whipping cream instead of regular?

  • Anastasjia

    I can only imagine how creamy the sweetened condensed milk would make the hot cocoa! I use that stuff on everything on toppings for desserts and fruits everything. Instead of store bought whipping cream try using pure raw whole cream without preservatives and raw whole milk. Talk about a treat!! This recipe has made me to go out and buy a crock pot!! ☕ my mother always says to drink a cup of hot chocolate before you go to sleep and it helps you to sleep well . I will follow your posts and see what other goodies you have made.

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  • Amy Day Billingsley

    I made this for a fund raiser and I had some left over, can You freeze it and then reheat it?

  • Storm

    Oh man this is JUST what I was hoping to find. Happily pinned it for the future. We’ve been using our crock pot a LOT as of late and doing a lot of baking since… Hey. If it’s cold might as well warm the house AND our stomachs at the same time right?

    This is EXACTLY what I wanted to find. Will post again when I actually make it. So easy looking.

  • Catherine Hosino

    I tried this and it was more like drinking melted chocolate than drinking hot chocolate

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  • Tina

    Sorry for rediculous question, but when you say whipping cream, do you mean cool whip or heavy whipping cream in a carton?

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  • Tracey

    I have made this a couple of times. Everyone has loved it!! Will try the chocolate chunks next time

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  • Shirley farrell

    Going to try this.

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