DIY Cookie Sheet Magnetic Board


I’m a thrift store junkie.  I just love them!  One of my last trips there, I happened to pick up an old metal baking sheet for $0.50 and decided to make a cute magnetic board out of it.  It’s amazing how cheap you can find them at the second-hand stores.  You can also find the thinner ones at the dollar store, which would work great in this project.



All you need to do is pick out the shade of spray paint that you like the most, and give it a nice coat.  It’s important that you use a good quality spray paint that says ‘no need to prime’ on the can, or you will need to prime before.  You can buy primer in spray cans as well. Depending on the color you choose, you may need to give it a second coat after the first coat dries.  I l-o-v-e aqua blue, so that’s the shade that I picked out for mine.

I also wanted to make some cute magnets to go with it, so I went to WalMart looking for something to use.  My oldest daughter came with me, and pointed out some epoxy beads in the scrapbook department.  They were only $0.97 a piece, so I picked them up.  They had a thin metal strip on the back of them that I just bent back and forth a couple of times and it fell right off.  Then, I just popped a circular magnet (like below) on it.  No glue or anything!  It was the perfect size, and it just snapped right in and holds in securely with the magnetic pull.  Of course, you could always glue it if you wanted to.  Then, to hang it – all I did was attach adhesive squares (available with the hooks & other hanging hardware in the store) to the back, and stuck it the wall.  I’m sure you could also use the adhesive squares (or even duct tape since it will be on the backside and no one will see it) to attach yarn to hang it with as well.



Don’t they look adorable on the cooking sheet board?



This project took no time at all, and I’m going to make a few more because now my kids want one for their rooms!  It would be an adorable birthday present or Christmas present too.