Easy 2 Minute Tacos with Mexican Style Meat

Earlier, I showed you all how I made my Mexican Style Meat, and gave you 17 different things I use that delicious meat in. These tacos are just another meal that I use the meat in.  We make these so often because of how easy they are to throw together.  Remember, you can make the Mexican Style Meat with either chicken, beef, or pork – and it cooks in the crockpot, so it’s not some fancy, hard-to-do process.  Having this meat on hand really saves a ton of time in the kitchen since you’re using it as the base for such a multitude of different meals. Many times, I cook up a batch of the Mexican Style Meat just to put in my fridge so my family can heat up these tacos at any time.

Once you have the meat on hand, you simply reheat the meat & warm up some corn tortillas (I like to warm mine in a skillet with a bit of oil) – then spoon a little meat in that warm corn tortilla, and you’re all set.  You can top them with anything that suits your fancy.  My favorite toppings are shredded cheese, minced onion, & a little chopped cilantro. YUM!

Since the Mexican style meat is already on hand, the preparation of these fantastic tacos are beyond easy – only minutes before you serve them on the table. Taco night shall be forever reformed!

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Easy Tacos with Mexican Style Meat


  • Mexican Style Meat
  • Corn Tortillas warmed
  • toppings of your choice chopped onion, cilantro, salsa, etc


  • Reheat the Mexican Style Meat. Warm the corn tortillas. Spoon some of the meat inside the tortilla, and top with the toppings of your choice. Serve.