Easy Pasta Christmas Tree

This Easy Pasta Christmas Tree is a fun 5 ingredient Christmas craft that both kids and adults will love to make. You can really get creative with these and make some beautiful creations! 
Elbow Pasta Tree

Have you ever made a Pasta Christmas Tree before? 

They are SO easy to make, y’all! And, they can be rather pretty too.

This is such a fun 5 ingredient Christmas craft that adults and kids alike will love doing.

What do you need to make this Easy Pasta Christmas Tree?

  • dry noodles – shell pasta for the tree & a bowtie pasta for the top
  • card stock rolled into a cone OR a styrofoam cone
  • beads (I got mine at Hobby Lobby – I love the metallic ones!)
  • hot glue
  • spray paint

How do I make a Pasta Christmas Tree? 

  1. Roll a piece of card stock into a cone and secure with hot glue or tape – OR use a styrofoam cone.
  2. Put a strip of a hot glue around the base of the cone and quickly place the dry noodles on it. Repeat the same process all the way up the cone, until you reach the top. Hot glue a bowtie pasta to the very top of the cone.
  3. Spray paint the tree whichever color you want. I love the way that silver looks with the pastel metallic beads. You can also give it a glitter coating after if you want some sparkle. Let dry.
  4. Using your hot glue gun, attach the beads inside of some of the shell pasta.
  5. You’re DONE!

You can get creative with these and come up with so many different color combinations and styles. These are so much fun – and a little addictive to make too. 😉

If you make one, I’d love to see yours! Post it to my facebook – or tag me @MrsHappyHomemaker on your Instagram post!

Easy Pasta Christmas Tree

Easy Pasta Christmas Tree - a fun 5 ingredient Christmas craft DIY