Flip Flop Cookies

Flip Flop Cookies on a bed of 'sand'

This past weekend, I threw a small pool party for my kids to celebrate the official start of summer. I arraigned a whole buffet full of goodies for the adults kids to munch on. There may or may not have been moms camped out by the snacks…

I kept everything at the party pretty simple, but I have to say – the simplest of all were these flip flop cookies…. made with nothing more than Nutter Butter cookies, cookie icing, & red hot candies.  Aren’t Nutter Butters amazing?  You can make so many adorable cookies out of them!

All you do is draw on the flip flop thongs with the cookie icing in whichever color of your choosing  – which is simply a ‘V’ shape.  Then, stick in a red hot (or other small candy) onto each of the 3 points.  Ta-da!

Flip Flop Cookies

Now, to make them extra special – you have to serve them atop of a bed of sand. No, not REAL sand.  More of the edible kind…. Brown sugar!

Just dump however much ‘sand’ you want on your serving dish.  Have you noticed how well brown sugar molds?  Perfect for some brown sugar sandcastles!   Just pack the brown sugar inside of either a shot glass or a 1/4 cup measuring cup to make some cute little sandcastles around your flip flops.  I topped one of my sandcastles off with a little cocktail umbrella from the dollar store & a couple of gumball beach balls.  Too cute!

Flip Flop Cookies


The best thing about these cookies & the display?  I pulled it off in under 10 minutes!

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