Girls Weekend in Asheville, Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of my Girls Weekend in Asheville, check it out here!

So, continuing on with my awesome girls weekend in Asheville with my friend Heather – I’ve already talked about our first day there (Friday) and it was full of fabulousness. So now, we’ve gotta get to to rest of our time spent there.

Again, I can’t express how much we loved our relaxing & cozy bed & breakfast, the Crooked Oak Mountain Inn. And the beds were exceptionally comfy, so we slept like a log!


On both Saturday & Sunday mornings, we woke up and had a fresh & delicious breakfast prepared for us by Patti & Bear, the innkeepers at Crooked Oak.

They had a little table set up each morning with different pastries, breads, fruits, & Patti’s mountain granola.


Patti’s Mountain Granola was one of the best granolas I’ve ever had my entire life. It was insanely good, & we just couldn’t get enough of it. Every morning, I filled a bowl with fruit, yogurt, & her granola. You can get her recipe for it here!

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 8.22.46 PM


Everything I had there was delectable – and their coffee was some of the best I’ve had too, and I’m a coffee-holic! Bear told us that he made a mean pot of coffee, and he sure was right. Saturday morning, they made us eggs, bacon, toast, & Bear’s Southwestern Potatoes….


And on Sunday morning, we were made the best waffles I’ve ever had the pleasure to put inside my mouth. I make really delicious waffles, and up until this very moment – I would have sworn that my waffle recipe was the best ever. But then I tried Bear’s yeast waffles, and my heart (and tastebuds) changed their tune.

Bear makes the absolute best waffles in the whole wide world. The waffles alone are worth a trip to the Crooked Oak Mountain Inn. I mean, the whole place is awesome… literally everything about it is perfection… but those waffles, y’all. My oh my. 


Since we’re on the subject of delicious food, let me mention some of the other yummy places we visited to fill our bellies. In Part 1 of our Asheville getaway, I mentioned Biscuit Head – which is definitely worth the drive to Asheville all by itself. But Asheville has many, many other fabulous places to eat. Soooo many! But, here’s the places (other than Biscuit Head) that we visited & loved while there this time.

Limones – this place so good & another must in Asheville. It’s a higher end Mexican restaurant that came highly recommended to us by so many people, including the innkeepers from our B&B. The Lobster Nachos are the #1 thing I recommend. They’re technically an appetizer, but I could totally just get them for a main dish and be perfectly happy. Delish!


Early Girl Eatery – This is a well known stop for a lot of people, & no wonder either with it’s fabulous take on Southern Cuisine. I had the boneless fried chicken with white gravy, macaroni & cheese, grits, & a biscuit. And no, I didn’t order a single vegetable. I  was on vacation after all, and I love my carbs! 😉 Everything on my plate was wonderful, and I didn’t leave single crumb behind.


Double D’s Coffee & Desserts – A coffee shop inside of a red double decker bus? How on earth was I not supposed to stop here after seeing it?


I’m so glad I made the stop too. So many awesome coffee & desserts – I got a frap & it was so good. I finished it in just a couple minutes flat & nearly gave myself brain freeze it was so yummy! Plus, the place was so freaking cool! You ordered downstairs on the bus, then climbed the little staircase to the top level to sit & enjoy your treats. I just loved this place!



French Broad Chocolates – if you have a sweet tooth at all, this is the absolute BEST place to go in all of Asheville. The. Best. No doubt about it – there is no comparison.


They have the best handcrafted chocolates in all the land. Seriously, like something out of a fairy tale.


The salted caramel truffles are my favorite of all. They feature light grey sea salt & organic grass-fed dairy, and are completely free of corn syrup. My second favorite? The Bourbon Pecan Truffles. Heather & I got some truffles on Saturday and ate them right away, and then I stopped back by on my way home on Sunday to get some more.


I just recently learned that they are available at soooo many places too – they have a where to buy page on their website that tells you the places you can get their products at.  And… you can also order online. I warn you though, after trying their truffles – no other chocolate will compare!

Their chocolate lounge not only offers their awesome handcrafted chocolates & truffles, but they also sell homemade ice creams & desserts!  Heather & I caught one glimpse of their Quintessential Chocolate Cake, and just knew our lives would never be complete if we didn’t get ourselves a big ol’ piece to inhale eat.


Mmmmm. I need to go back. Like as in yesterday.

When I go on trips, I have 2 favorite things I love to do. One is to eat yummy food from the area (obviously) & the other is to shop. Asheville is a great place for both of those things!

Asheville’s downtown area is the perfect place to shop til you drop, and that’s exactly what we did. They are all sorts of unique shops throughout the entire downtown area (along with great places to eat) – and we spent 95% of our entire weekend in the downtown area.

I think my favorite of all were all the street vendors. There were so many local artists selling their products in the park(s) & on the sidewalk in Asheville, & I couldn’t get enough. I love unique, one of a kind things – so buying things from local artists & such is a favorite thing of mine to do when I’m traveling. There was definitely no shortage in the amount of unique shopping experiences in downtown Asheville, which definitely made my whole weekend!






My favorite purchase of the entire weekend came from The Curiosity Shoppe ran by a lovely lady named Chelsea, who makes fabulous one of a kind items – and I fancied her jewelry oh-so-much!


I fell in love with her necklaces made out of spoons!


I especially fell in love with this vintage rose brooch spoon necklace…. and I just HAD to have it!

Isn’t it ah-mazing?!  LOOOOVVEEEE IT! By far, my most favorite purchase of the entire weekend!


Something else that makes the downtown area so entertaining & fun are the wide array of street performers & such that you see while walking around. You’re guaranteed to see it all, so to speak!

Bands & music…


The coolest street performers you’ve ever seen….



And even giant walking bees playing the kazoo. 😉


So, there you have it. If you’re looking for an awesome place to get away – full of great bed & breakfasts, great eats, lots of fabulous shopping, & all sorts of fun…. Asheville is your place!

Visit Asheville’s Bed & Breakfast Association’s Website to find a wonderful B&B to stay in on your next trip to Asheville! It’s how I found the Crooked Oak Mountain Inn & I couldn’t have been happier with my accommodations!