100+ Holiday Dinner Recipes – Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter

Looking for a little holiday dinner inspiration? Here’s over 100 of my favorite holiday recipes that would be perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter!

100+ Holiday Dinner Recipes

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and Christmas isn’t very far away either! And before we know it, Easter will be creeping up on us too. You know what that means don’t you?  Big feasts are a comin’! I wanted to provide y’all with a one-stop-shop recipe database with all my Holiday dinner recipes in one place so you can easily reference this post to make your menu planning & recipe preparation easier for all of you!

Holiday dinners are stressful enough & I hope that this will ease some of that stress for you & that it makes your preparations simpler!  These are all my very own recipes, & I guarantee that every single one of them is delicious.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, I hope that you already trust that I don’t post any recipes that my family & I don’t absolutely love – and that’s a promise!

So, here we go – over 100 delicious recipes that would be perfect for your Holiday dinners!


Main Dish

THE BIRD – Every year on Thanksgiving, I make the best turkey! It’s so moist & flavorful – you can just see the juiciness of the bird in this photo!

Here’s how I make my turkey!  First, I brine my bird with this brine recipe. Then, I inject my turkey with my homemade cajun butter injection marinade – this is my favorite injector tool for your reference. Then, I roast my turkey according to my Herb Roasted Turkey recipe.  It makes the BEST & JUICIEST turkey you’ll EVER eat!  However, if you don’t have time to do all 3 things with your bird – you can choose either the brine or the cajun butter marinade instead.  You can also just follow the herb roasted turkey recipe instead.

Every year on Christmas, I make a prime rib – and I’ve got the best recipe!  I actually developed my Perfect Prime Rib recipe alongside one of the master chefs at the Angus Beef Commission (aka, a beef expert!) so you know it’s gotta be good!  I promise you that this prime rib is the BEST EVER!

Of course we need a ham recipe too since it’s so popular for all holiday dinners! This is my favorite recipe for ham – it’s my own copycat version of those expensive honey baked hams!  My Honey Baked Ham tastes just like it’s expensive counterpart but for a fraction of the price.  Plus, it’s really easy!

Here’s links to those recipes, plus some other fabulous main dish options for your Holiday dinner!

side dishes



leftover ideas


This turkey themed pizza is a tradition in my home for dinner the day before Thanksgiving.  I’m pretty sure y’all will enjoy it too!

We also make a Christmas tree themed pizza for our Christmas Eve lunch!

And last, but not least – back in 2011 I published timelines for my Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners.  While my routine has changed slightly since then, it’s still pretty accurate & may be a great resource for some of you!

In closing…

I hope that you all have found this helpful in your holiday meal planning!  And remember, if you didn’t find the recipe you’re looking for here, I have a very easy-to-navigate recipe toolbar at the top of all my blog pages (right underneath my ‘Mrs Happy Homemaker’ header). It’s divided into appetizers, main courses, side dishes, desserts, breads, breakfast ideas, healthy recipes, diabetic friendly recipes, & much more!

I even have a tab at the tip top of my blog to view every single one of my recipes, no matter which category it falls into!

Depending on which holiday you’re here for – Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, & Happy Easter! ~Crystal, ‘Mrs Happy Homemaker’

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