Homemade Vanilla Extract (An Update)



It has been a long time since I first posted about making vanilla extract from scratch from vanilla beans.  My first double strength batch has been done for a good while now, so I figured it was about time that I get on here and update ya’ll about how I like it.


Ok, so ‘like’ probably isn’t the word to describe it.  It’s more like a deep infatuation, maybe even love.  Actually – it’s definitely love.  As soon as you crack open a batch, the aroma of it makes your whole house smell like you want to eat it.  This stuff is just fantastic.  Both the aroma & the taste of the items you use it in are out of this world.  I will never again go back to store bought.  This stuff is it for me.


With Christmas right around the corner, how great would this be to give as gifts?  I know it’s too late in the season to give a prepared batch, but you can take the original recipe & divide the ingredients in individual mason jars to give.  Attach a note to let the recipient know to open in 3 months for single strength vanilla extract & 6 months for double strength vanilla extract.

Check out the recipe, and get started on making your own homemade vanilla extract.  You won’t be sorry!


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