Mrs Happy Homemaker turns 9!

Ring the bells & toot your horns for today is the day that was born!

(as my Daddy used to say to me for every birthday, just replace Mrs Happy Homemaker with Crystal haha)

Wow, friends. Today – June 27 – turns 9!

It all began with this post introducing myself, followed a couple weeks later by the very first recipe that I ever posted on here, bread and butter pickles, on July 16 2010.

My, how things have changed over the last 9 years.

When I made that very first post introducing myself, I was a stay at home homeschooling mom married to my high school sweetheart and my kids were 10, 9, & 3 months old. We were living in North Carolina in the same town I was born in. This blog was just a fun thing to do. I had been blogging on blogger for a while, and I enjoyed it – and I wanted to be ‘more serious’ about it…. so I bought this domain, and the ‘Adventures of Mrs Happy Homemaker’ officially began. 😉

Over the years, I’ve been to some really cool places, eaten a ton of delicious food, worked with some amazing brands, met all sorts of new people, found some incredible friends, and even have been on television. It has definitely been quite the adventure so far, and I’m looking so forward to what new adventures await.

Mrs Happy Homemaker husband Michael Faulkner and kids

My husband passed away in 2015 when he was 33, while I was out of town. Sadly, our children were the ones to discover him while I was on the phone with them. We’ve had a tough road and sometimes it’s still tough. Losing your husband, losing your dad, finding your dad like that… all that is hard stuff. Very hard stuff. If anything though, it’s given us a certain strength, though heartbreaking, that we didn’t have before – an appreciation for life that is so much greater than it used to be, more resilience than we ever thought was inside of us, and a profound empathy for those who have also had life altering losses.

Our children are now ages 19, 18, & 9 – and my Mama heart is so proud of the people they are becoming but at the same time, a little sad to see my babies getting so grown on me.

mrs happy homemaker and her kids

This blog has grown from a hobby to my full time job. I certainly never expected that, but I am beyond thankful for it.

I love what I do, and I have a real passion for it. From creating recipes & diys, photographing them, making videos, editing the photos & videos… it’s a whole lot of work but I enjoy it. I have a few ideas of my sleeve for this coming year, and I am so excited for what the future holds.

This website has also has given me the opportunity to continue to homeschool my children after my husband died, and I’m beyond grateful for that. What a blessing! None of this would ever be possible if it wasn’t for all of you who continue to come back to my little spot on the web and I thank you immensely!

I’ve been working on something new too. You may have seen some of my sneak peaks in my instagram or facebook stories, but I’ll be making the ‘official’ announcement in soon, so I hope you come back to see what it is. 

I thought for fun, and to commemorate today, I’d share the MOST POPULAR 10 posts EVER on the blog! I hope you enjoy them ❤️
crystal the mrs
Mrs Happy Homemaker