Freezer Prep Day

Today was my OAMC (Once a Month Cooking) day.  I was going to do this Friday, but I thought it would be a little easier to do so with my husband home to help with the kids – more importantly, our 4 month old baby boy.  Well, I was wrong!  My son is quite the Mama’s boy.  When I leave the room, his little bottom lip starts poking out…even if he is on his Daddy’s lap!  I’ve got to tell you though, I love it!!

I made:

4 batches of Berry Baked French Toast.  (Thanks OnceAMonthMom!)

1 batch of homemade poptarts.  (Thanks OnceAMonthMom!)

A batch of my recipe for CornDog Muffins.  (I baked mine in square muffin tins)

2 Batches of Pizza Croissants that I sprinkled a little Italian seasoning on (Thanks again OnceAMonthMom!)

I also made up 7 bags of marinated chicken breasts.  Boneless chicken breasts were on sale, so I bought up a bunch of them for future dinners.  Each bag has 4 chicken breasts in them, and different marinades poured in.  This time I used Herb, Garlic, & Lemon – Honey Teriyaki – Allegro – & Italian Dressing.

I think that I may do a ‘mini freezer prep’ day in a week or so for some homemade bread, pizza doughs, & homemade baby food.  But this is what I was able to accomplish today 🙂

*NOTE*  To reheat precooked freezer meals, it is really best to use the oven for the best flavor.  Things like the corndog muffins & pizza croissants will be warm in 5 minutes in a 350 degree preheated oven.