Nutter Butter Ghosts

This is such an EASY & QUICK idea for Halloween.  You really have no excuse not to make it, right?  It’s also my husband’s personal favorite. All you need are Nutter Butter cookies, mini chocolate chips, & either vanilla...

Mummy Dogs

 Here’s an easy Halloween meal idea for you – Mummy Dogs!  This is pretty much the same thing as a pig in the blanket, but spooky-styled.   

Bloody Band-Aids

 Today, we’re going with the EWWWWW factor.  These bloody band-aids definitely have it!       You only need 3 ingredients to pull it off.     My kids & their friends devoured these in a matter of minutes!    

Deviled Egg Spiders

These Deviled Egg Spiders are made from deviled eggs and sliced black olives. Halved black olives made the spider’s body and thin slices make the legs. They are so easy!   These creepy crawly deviled egg spiders are SO...