99 Pie Recipes – Oh My!

99 Delicious Pie Recipes – that’s what you’ll find here. Pi Day has given me quite the excuse to share them. 99 problems and not having any pie isn’t one!
99 Delicious Pie Recipes

It’s Pi Day, y’all! And, since it’s 2015 – this year’s whole ‘3.141592753’ is pretty darn nifty since it falls on 3-14-15.

Check it out.

It’s the zombie apocalypse!  (kidding!) (maybe….)

Pi Day

I don’t know much about Pi – but I sure do love to eat Pie!  I’m sure it tastes better than 3.141592653 too.

And, I’m totally sure that Dean Winchester would agree with me.  They’re just so awesome. Chocolate pie, cherry pie, apple pie, blueberry pie, s’mores pie, butterscotch pie, lemon meringue pie, etc.  I kinda feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump now… but that’s ok.  I’ll live. 😉

Life of Pie - Dean Winchester

So, for those of you who love this perfect dessert as much as the likes of Dean Winchester & I do – here’s 99 absolutely delicious pie recipes for your tastebuds to salivate over.

And yes – these are all Dean approved. 😉

You best head over to the kitchen – you’ve got 99 recipes to try out!