Reese’s Witch Brooms

Easy 2 Ingredient Reese’s Witch Brooms are our favorite thing to make for Halloween parties. They are so simple and everyone loves them!Reese's Brooms

Here’s a Halloween treat that you can literally put together in a couple of minutes. You only need 2 ingredients to pull it off – Reece’s cups & pretzel sticks.

Simply turn a fun-sized Reece’s cup upside down & stick a pretzel stick down the middle  Ta-da!  All done.  Cant get much simpler than that!


Reese’s Witch Brooms


  • fun sized Reese's peanut butter cups
  • pretzel sticks


  • Turn the Reese's cups upside down. Gently press a pretzel stick into the center, being careful to not go all the way through.