Swings Around A Campfire

Swinging by the Campfire

Instruction link at the bottom of the post!

I first shared this above picture of swings around a campfire on my facebook page the other day, and it was spread like wildfire!  I started getting messages & comments from many people asking me for the directions to make it.  Only problem was – I didn’t make it!  It was just an interesting photo I’d seen on facebook myself.

So, with all these emails I got about it – I decided to do some digging & see what I could find for you guys.  I came across a post in an online hunting forum by the original creator of this beautiful piece with some great additional photos with the step by step process:

Swings Around the Campfire

The original poster, Dave, says he didn’t have any building plans to go by – he just winged it.  He layed out a hexagon in his yard so that the center for the uprights for each bay were 7 feet apart because he wanted to get 5 foot swings.  He had 14 feet from each upright to the upright opposite of it. He’s also not sure what the angles were, he just messed around with some scraps until he got the angles right for what he needed.   The one bay was left open so he can easily carry in firewood.

Hey Dave, can you ‘wing it’ and build one for me?

Get instructions here!

Swings around a campfire

*All photo credits & the idea itself goes to Dave