Easy Summer Cupcakes with Teddy Grahams

3 adorable summer party ideas that take just minutes!

We recently got a new above ground pool for our backyard.  We decided to move it from where our old one homed at in the sideyard (where it rarely got any sun & the pool water was artic throughout the summer) and put it into the backyard, right off of our deck- where sunlight is prevalent.  The only reason that we didn’t put the old one there was because the sideyard was the only completely flat option, and neither my husband nor myself felt like having to level out the yard.

New Pool
Well, when we got this one – I insisted that we put it in the backyard and just go ahead and level it.  We seriously had no idea what we’d gotten ourselves into. Leveling a pool sounds so easy, right?  Wrong.

We began the process, trying to do it ‘right’.  We built up the slope with lumber and started filling it with sand.  We figured we’d need a minivan load full, and we’d be good to go.

Sidenote: filling a minivan full of sand turns it instantly into a low rider.  Cue “Low Rider” from War.


4 minivan-loads of sand later…

And we’re finally level.  My wallet sure feels a lot lighter too.

So we begin filling up the pool.  Everything is looking good.

While I’m filling it up,  I notice the warning illustration on the side… the one that’s supposed to caution parents to watch their children in the pool.

Watch out for the giant with the death rays shooting from his eyes while swimming... #OnMyPool

However, I didn’t see that.  I saw ‘Watch out for the giant with the death rays shooting from his eyes while doing water aerobics.’

I know, I’m a little weird…

So, as the pool is filling up… we see that our perfectly leveled pool is now becoming slightly off level.  It seems the weight of the water in the pool made the pool sink down about an inch in the sand.  Yay.  I asked my husband if we should drain it & add more sand.  He didn’t even have to answer – the look on his face was clear. That was a no.  

So, needless to say – we have about 1.5″-2″ difference in the water level on our pool.  I call it the deep end & the shallow end.

To celebrate almost-leveling our pool & the start of summer, we threw a small pool party for the kiddos complete with lots of food.  Among all that food were these adorable cupcakes, which I decorated with Teddy Grahams.  I did 2 different scenes – one with Mr. Teddy Graham laying on a towel on the sand under an umbrella & one with Mr. Teddy Graham hanging out in the pool on a float.  Both are SUPER easy.

Teddy Graham Cupcakes

For the Teddy Grahams laying under the umbrella, I frosted my cupcakes with blue frosting & sprinkled graham cracker crumbs on top for the sand.  Then, I used half a piece of Juicy Fruit gum for each towel & placed a Teddy Graham on top.  Then finished the whole thing off with a cocktail umbrella from the Dollar Store.

Summer Pool Party Cupcakes


For the other ones, I used the same blue frosting from before.  I simply placed on a round gummy peach candy on the top of each cupcake and stuck a Teddy Graham in the center of each one.  Then, I finished it off with a ‘beach ball’ gumball.

Teddy Graham Cupcakes for a summer party


Decorating both sets of cupcakes took me just 10 minutes, suppperrr easy!

And while I had the Teddy Grahams, peach rings, & gumballs out – I put together another fast pool party treat.  Blue jell-o pools!  I simply prepared blue jell-o per the package instructions & once it was set, scooped it into a round bowl.  Then I decorated it with the Teddy Grahams & candy.

Jell-o Pool


So, there you go… 3 adorable summer party foodie ideas that barely take any time at all to put together.  Oh, and if you ever need a pool leveled…. don’t call me.