Vidalia Onion Potato Chip Nachos

Vidalia Onion Potato Chip Nachos – yes, that’s exactly what I said and they are the easiest, yummiest & fastest recipe you’ll come across today. YUM!Vidalia Onion Potato Chip Nachos

I have a thing for all things vintage. Going to antique stores is among one of my very favorite things to do. In fact, I often plan trips around antiquing ‘destinations’ or stores that I wanna go to. Twice a year, I travel to the Liberty Antique Festival in Liberty, North Carolina for their huge antique festival that takes place on a 100 acre farm. I actually am from that area of NC & I used to go sometimes as a little girl with my grandpa too. On the way in route there from where I now live in Georgia, we take one way for some antique ‘honey-holes’ & along the way back, we take a whole different route for some more ‘honey-holes’.  It’s turned into my very favorite trip of the year. It’s so much fun, and I always fine such cool items. I collect all sorts of vintage kitchen stuff but I have a special fondness for old cookbooks, cast iron, vintage Disney (especially Lady & the Tramp!), & Dukes of Hazzard.

My last trip was just a couple months ago & I had lots of good finds. Among my favorites was an old Vidalia Onion Cookbook. Vidalia Onions are like candy to me… I can never get enough. And I’ve actually visited the Vidalia Onion farms a few years back on a blog trip.- so I felt like I was kinda meant to have this cookbook, ya know? Also it was only $1… and you can’t beat that. 😉

Vidalia onions and a Vidalia onion cookbook

It seems to have a bunch of yummy recipes, but I’m kinda drawn to those recipes that are a little bit off the beaten path. One recipe in this book struck by eye, and had me instantly intrigued.

cheese onion chips recipe in a cookbook

The cookbook calls them ‘Cheese Onion Chips’ and the ingredients call for chips, cheese, poppy seeds, thyme, & vidalia onion. Like a sort of potato chip nachos, if you will. I’m gonna just call them Vidalia Onion Potato Chip Nachos instead because basically, that’s exactly what they are.

potato chips, onion, and seasonings on a tabletop to make Vidalia Onion Potato Chip Nachos

You know what else they are? DELICIOUS!! Like really delicious, y’all. I could devour a platter of these in top notch speed.

It literally only takes minutes to make. Like 3 minutes for prep and about 10 in the oven. Simple as can be!

Vidalia Onion Potato Chip Nachos unbaked

These things are absolutely amazing. Crazy that with just those ingredients, the flavor that comes from it is so super crave-able.

Me and my 8 year old son were about to get into a rock, paper, scissors match for the last chip and this boy hates onions – but I decided to be nice mom and let him have the last one…. this time. 😉

Vidalia Onion Potato Chip Nachos

Heavens to Betsy – you really must try these. I’m pretty sure you’ll love them.

Vidalia Onion Potato Chip Nachos closeup

Vidalia Onion Potato Chip Nachos

I've listed the recipe the same as the Vidalia Onion cookbook states, but I honestly just open a bag of chips and spread them on a baking sheet. Then I portion out the other ingredients on top based on how many chips I put on my baking sheet.
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 4- oz package potato chips I prefer the ones with ridges for this recipe
  • 3/4 grated cheddar cheese
  • 1 tbsp poppy seeds
  • 1/2 tsp thyme
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spread potato chips on baking sheet greased with non-stick cooking spray. Sprinkle with cheese & onions; then poppy seeds; then thyme. Heat 5-10 minutes in the oven, or until cheese is melted. You can also use Swiss cheese or blue cheese to vary the flavor.

Thank you to Vidalia Onions for the large box of fresh onions they sent me – they’re going to great use!

I have shared this recipe with my friends over at Meal Plan Monday 🙂

Vidalia Onion Potato Chip Nachos