3 Incredible Ways to Cook Prime Rib

3 incredible ways to cook a prime rib – a foolproof oven roasted method that’s perfect for a beginner, a deep fried prime rib, & a crusted prime rib.Prime Rib done 3 ways - deep fried, crusted, foolproof

Prime rib is by far my favorite main dish to serve for a holiday meal, primarily our Christmas dinner. Over the years, I’ve experimented with so many ways of preparing it. These are my top 3, and each my favorite for a different reason. If you asked me to choose a favorite of the 3, I really couldn’t. I love them all and make them all, depending on mood, cravings, and time allotments that I have.

First, my Foolproof Prime Rib. This is the first one I ever perfected (and the last one to make it’s way on the blog somehow!) because it’s so simple. Even the kitchen beginner will come out looking like a 5 star chef with this recipe. It is seriously so easy & hard to mess up. Prime Rib done 3 ways - deep fried, crusted, foolproof

If you want a crust that will leave you salivating, and a whole different way to prepare a prime rib – let me tell you, deep frying it is the way to go. Don’t make that face. TRUST ME. It. is. AH-MAZING. In all the ways.

deep fried prime rib

If you want to roast it in the oven, and want a crust that doesn’t fall off when you slice it – then you must check out this recipe for a Crusted Prime Rib that I developed alongside the chefs at the Angus Beef Commission in Wooster, Ohio. 
the perfect prime rib

3 incredible ways to cook a prime rib