A Rainbow Party – Perfect for a Kid’s Birthday Party!

Yesterday, my friend Tammy and I had another little get together for some of the homeschool kids and moms in our community.  This time, we did a rainbow/tyedye theme. I wanted to share this because I know how we are all looking for cute, but easy, birthday party themes – and I thought it would be adorable for one!   

We made Rainbow Cupcakes, and the kids got to choose what colors went into their cupcake.  I put a piece of tinfoil on the end of each muffin tin so I could tell one end from the other, and made a diagram of whose cupcake was whose once they came out of the oven.  

Once the cupcakes were done and cooled, I wrote the kids names on each plate, and placed a cupcake on each one.  

Tammy added food coloring to some store-bought icing and placed them on the counter alongside some sprinkles to top the cupcakes with.  

The blue was the most popular…Tammy’s son, Jacob, really seemed to like it a lot.

We served them alongside some ‘Magic Potion’ which is just Kool-Aid ice cubes of different colors with lemon-lime soda poured on top.  

We didn’t do this, but how fun would making tye-dyed t-shirts be at a party like this?

All the kids had an awesome time!  How fun would it be to incorporate a little color into your next kid’s birthday party?


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