A Token of Appreciation to our Local Heroes

I took a pledge that I posted on my facebook page to use our kitchens to show appreciation to our local heroes in remembrance of September 11th.  Not only was this just a wonderful thing to do, but also served as an amazing lesson to my kids.  

My family & I baked a basket full of cookies to take to the local police department last night.  

After we dropped the cookies off, I started thinking of how I wished I had made more to take to our local fire department too – so we drove over to the bakery & picked up a large sheet cake, and had them write ‘Thank You Local Heroes’ on it along with American flags stuck in the corners.  

Walking into the fire department was the most solemn of all.  The firefighters were all gathered around the television, watching the 9/11 coverage on the news channel.  I told them how much I appreciated all of them, & the sacrifices they make for us.  You could see tears in a couple of their eyes, and gleams in others.  But, in each of their eyes – there was a strong sense of pride.  It was a moment I will never forget – just as I will never forget this day 10 years ago.

Let us always show that same respect, gratitude, & appreciation – not only on September 11 – but the other 364 days of the year.