A Beautiful Brunch with Temp-tations Ovenware – Plus a GIVEAWAY!

Temp-tations Brunch

If you’ve read my blog for a while – or even if you’re a newbie, you already know about my love over a certain brand of dishes & ovenware called Temp-tations.  Many of you may have seen the infomercials for the Temp-tations line or you’ve seen them on QVC. Well, I’ve been a huge fan since many, many years ago – before any of those little infomercials began.  I’m one of the biggest fans that exist probably. Such a fan, in fact, that a few friends and I even formed a little Facebook group for other addicts.

My friend, Stephanie, actually came up with the term ‘Temp-tationista’ for all us Temp-tations lovers, and it stuck!  It started getting larger & then the creator of the line, Tara McConnell, heard of us – and even started calling her dishware fans ‘Temp-tationistas’ on QVC.  We were SO excited!! She knew who we were!

Can you imagine giddy school girls at a boy band concert? Yep, that kind of explains how we acted the first time she mentioned our little group on air.  Then, one day, I decided to call in to one of the Temp-tations presentations on QVC & was actually selected to go on air!  So, I breathed in deeply like a zillion times – you know, so I didn’t talk super fast, stutter too bad, or sound like a complete stalker, as I waited for my turn to speak with her on air and tell her how much I adored her product.  At the end of the phone call, I mentioned that I was one of the original Temp-tationistas – and she seemed so excited!  My friend Stephanie captured a picture of Tara’s reaction when I told her I was a ‘Temp-tationista’ & posted it online. I had to do a little digging to share it with you all – but here it is.

It still makes me happy looking at it. I know, I’m a dork – but that’s ok.  Y’all love me anyway, right? 😉

Temp-tations QVC

I use Temp-tations dishes in many of my photos here on the Mrs since they’re just so darned gorgeous – so you can imagine my excitement when I opened up my email inbox not long ago to see an email from the Temp-tations team asking me to work with them!  Um…. EEEEK!  Time to dance around like a giddy school girl at a boy band concert again!! 😉

Now, as many of you know – I have quite the collection of Temp-tations dishes – and I use them for every occasion.  I love the fact that they are handpainted – and I’m able to take them from freezer, to fridge, to oven, and to microwave…. plus prep in them, cook in them – whatever.  They have so many purposes in just one piece, and that’s one of my favorite things of all – multi-functional!  

Tara designs them them that way, and also designs them in a way where they fit into each other for stacking purposes, making them easier to store too.  And, there are so many different patterns & colors – and all of them coordinate back to each other so you can mix & match when setting your table scapes – just love that!


All those above reasons made this line of dishes the perfect thing to hold a pre-Holiday brunch for my family!  And, I thought that it would give you some great ideas for a Holiday brunch of your own – or an any day brunch at that!!  These pieces can be used for all days of the year, not just for special occasions or holidays. Breakfast, brunch, dinner, dessert, parties – whatever!

Now, let me show you the pieces I chose for my recent brunch.

One of Temp-tations newest pieces is a new favorite of mine – and that’s this pretty & useful muffin pan with coffee mugs included. Obviously, it can be used to bake muffins & cupcakes (duh!) – but it also has a super cool alternate use!  The mugs that come with it have a special groove in the bottom of each one making them fit perfectly & snugly into the muffin tray cups, turning it instantly into a serving tray for your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.  It serves so many purposes, and that’s why I love it so much. It comes in many different colors – but I really love the poinsettia pattern for the winter months. The picture below is in the green.


I used it to bake my Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Swirl muffins in.  They popped right out of the pan once they were done, and I did not use a muffin liner.



I wanted to use the muffin pan again for our brunch since it can also be used for a coffee tray  – so I quickly cleaned it up. Whatever you cook in it, as well as all other Temp-tations pieces, pretty much just wipes clean.  No scrubbing & soaking and all that, which makes clean-up a breeze (thankfully… I despise cleaning!).  I just ran my finger across the bottom of one of the muffin cups, and you can see how it just wiped clean.


It cleaned up super easy, so then I turned around and used the muffin pan along with the mugs that came with it for a really cute coffee & hot cocoa serving tray.  Since there were only 4 of us (our toddler isn’t allowed to use anything breakable yet!) who were using the mugs, I poured hot cocoa in two of them for my daughters & coffee in the other two for my husband and I.  Then, I used the remaining two muffin cups for sugar for the coffee & marshmallows for the hot cocoa.  Adorable, right?


I also used this beautiful mixing bowl (which was just featured in Oprah magazine, how cool is that?!) in red polka dot, which came with a whisk, on a double duty.  Did I mention how much I love multi-functional pieces? First, I used it as a mixing bowl for the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Swirl Muffins


It cleaned up easily, so I turned right around & made up my favorite fruit salad in the same bowl.  It’s perfect for mixing & for serving – it’s just so pretty!


Remember what I said about Temp-tations going from freezer, to fridge, to oven, etc? Well, that makes these dishes perfect for a breakfast casserole since it sits overnight in the fridge before baking it the next morning!  So, I whipped up my favorite Breakfast Casserole the night before, and stuck it in the fridge – then when I popped it into the oven the next morning. This time, I used the pie dish from the Floral Lace 6-Piece Baking Set in red (other colors are available too!).  How pretty is that?!  I just love the elegance of the floral lace pattern – it’s a new favorite of mine!  Of course, you could always put a pie in it too – but it’s perfect for a casserole too!  I’ve also used this exact pie dish to make my Bacon, Egg, Cheese, & Hashbrown Crescent Ring!


It comes with those neat wire holding racks that you can pop a hot dish straight into, and carry to the table without burning your hands – or having to sit the dish on top of a pot holder too.  I just love that!

This set also came with mini pie dishes, which I’ve used for pies, cobblers, & more in the past – but for my brunch, I decided to make some Smoky Bacon & Cheese Grits in them!  I just love how they look in these dishes, don’t you?  They’re also great if you’re just feeding 1-2 – you could freeze any leftovers for future meals… not to mention they’re fantastic for portion control as well!

Don’t the grits look just beautiful in them though?


Another of my new favorite patterns is the cardinal line.  I’ve loved cardinals ever since I was a little girl – I think I got that from my Mama because she loves them too.  Plus, I just thought that they coordinated so well with all the other pieces & patterns that I used in my brunch.  In addition, they looked really nice with my Grandma Betty’s dishes that have been passed down to me, which I pull out every holiday season.  With so many pieces, patterns, & colors to choose from – you’re sure to find something to match well with any heirloom pieces that you have as well.


I used the cardinal bowls to serve up that yummy fruit salad in!  They are nicely sized bowls, and my whole family loves having a big ol’ bowl of that Regina’s Grandmother’s Fruit Salad!


I was so proud of the beautiful presentation I was able to pull off thanks to the gorgeous, affordable, & multi-use Temp-tations dishes!

So pretty, don’t you think? (Scroll down below this picture for a breakdown of the items I got in order to pull off this table scape – AND a Temp-tations giveaway!)


Here are the pieces I got to pull of this beautiful table spread! Remember, these are the colors & patterns that I chose!  Most patterns come in many other colors, and there are much more patterns than just these!  If you’ve seen the food pictures here on the Mrs, you’ve sure to have already seen a multitude of different patterns & colors.  Hey, I already admitted I was an addict! 😀

Click on the text to go straight to the purchasable pages!

Or, go to the Temp-tations website to shop their whole collection!


And now for that GIVEAWAY I promised you!


One lucky reader will win a Red Polka Dot 4-Quart Mixing Bowl with Whisk! Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below to get your entries in!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


I am excited to share that I have partnered with Temp-tations as a brand ambassador, and I have been compensated for this post. I have been a Temp-tations collector for many, many years – and absolutely love the product.  All opinions & general ramblings shared are all my own.