Easy Make-Ahead Mason Jar Parfaits

Easy Make-Ahead Mason Jar Parfaits

Do you ever wish that there were more hours in the day?  I know I do.  But, since I don’t have a magical lamp to rub for a genie to grant my wishes (or a bottle in Major Nelson’s case in I Dream of Jeannie) – I have to consolidate my time the best I can.

I run this blog full time, my husband is disabled & sometimes requires a lot of care, & I homeschool my children with a toddler running around. Busy is an understatement some days!  Having things made-ahead & in the fridge for my kids’ to easily grab when they’re hungry saves me a ton of time, and I don’t have to hear ‘Mom, I’m hungry!’ all day long.  And since I strive to be a good mom & not starve my children – I’m always coming up with new things to make ahead for my kids’ easy consumption. Or my easy consumption 🙂

Like these easy make-ahead mason jar parfaits.  I’m starting to do a lot of make-ahead things in mason jars because not only are they cute – but they’re cheap, reusable, & practical.  Especially the small ones that I use to make these parfaits. Let’s all take a minute to admire the cutie-patootie mason jars.  Awwwwwwww.  

Easy Make-Ahead Mason Jar Parfaits

This is one of those ‘no recipe recipes’ that I’m pretty darn fond of – there is no one way to it.  You can use your imagination, & be creative.  The basic things you need are fruit & yogurt – and I like the addition of either granola or chia seeds as well.

In the below picture, I had some leftover cherry & blueberry pie filling from another recipe, so I decided to use it up & make parfaits from it.  So, I’m calling it ‘Cherry Berry Parfait’ 🙂

Make Ahead Parfaits in Mason Jars

But most of the time, I do the combination of whatever fruits are on sale, yogurt, & granola.

Like this one, I layered fresh strawberries with strawberry yogurt & blueberries.

Easy Make-Ahead Mason Jar Parfaits

You can put granola on top, but quite honestly – I prefer to keep mine in a resealable container in the pantry for easy sprinkling instead – I enjoy the texture of the granola much better this way.

Use your imagination!  You can make so many varieties of these.  Just be reasonable, because nobody wants a brussel sprout parfait.  Have fun with it, and enjoy that little bit of time you’ve saved.  Do something for yourself – like sleep late 😉

Easy Make-Ahead Mason Jar Parfaits


  • mason jars


  • fruit
  • yogurt
  • granola optional
  • chia seeds optional
  • anything else you want in your parfait!


  • Using the mason jar size of your choice, layer your fruit & yogurt along with anything else you'd like in your parfait. Top with granola or chia seeds if desired (or top right before serving). Twist on the mason jar lid & store in the fridge for up to 3 days.