Easy Red Farm Truck Magnets

I got the supplies to make these Christmas Red Farm Truck Magnets from Walmart & Dollar Tree. This is such a cute 5 minute, 3 ingredient Christmas craft! This would be a really cool handmade gift too. 

Red Farm Truck Magnets

Red Farm Trucks are so popular this holiday season!

I recently made these adorable red farm truck magnets and I just had to share them with y’all. I love 5 minute crafts – and I especially love 5 minute Christmas crafts. Especially when that 5 minute Christmas craft is only 3 ingredients!

I got all the supplies to make these adorable magnets from Walmart. I’ve also gotten the magnets along with the glue sticks at The Dollar Tree.

Red Farm Truck Magnets

How do you make these Red Farm Truck Magnets?

In the Christmas aisle at Walmart, they are selling 4 packs of red farm truck ornaments. These ornaments already have the tree in the back. They are hung with little wire hangers. I paid $3.98 for a set of 4 of these ornaments.

They are hung on your tree with thin wire. I simply snipped off the thin wire and discarded it. You can see the small holes left in the trucks that the wire hangers were in in my pictures. I left them there, but if they bother you – could always fill them.

After I removed the wire hangers, I simply hot glued magnets on the backside of the trucks. If you’re feeling a little glittery, you could also add a spritz of glitter spray to these.

That’s it… these magnets are all done and ready for your fridge or wherever else you stick magnets at! 😉

These only cost me under $6 for a set of 4 magnets – that’s pretty budget friendly if you ask me.

Red Farm Truck Magnets

Christmas Red Farm Truck Magnets 5 minute Christmas craft 3 ingredients
I hope you enjoyed this 5 minute, 3 ingredient Christmas craft/diy.
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