DIY Summer Survival Kit for the Beach, Picnic, & More – plus a giveaway!

Planning a beach trip or waterpark adventure? Wanna take an impromptu picnic? Heading on a road trip? These easy DIY Summer Survival Kits are for you!

DIY Grab & Go Beach & Picnic Kits

Warm weather is upon us – and with that comes all sorts of fun things like beach trips, park days, waterparks, picnics, road trips, and more. In other words – lots of fun stuff.

Fun stuff is always more fun when you’re prepared. Nothing is less fun then getting to say, the beach, and realizing you don’t have sunscreen. I mean, unless your intention is to look like a lobster dinner or leather purse – then by all means, carry on.

So, today I’m sharing with you 2 essential DIY survival kits to make sure you’re all prepped for whatever you fun outings may be. We’ve got a Beach Kit (which is also perfect to be used as a road trip kit, waterpark kit, etc) and a picnic kit.

First up, it’s my Beach Survival Kit!

Beach Survival Kit

In my beach survival kit, I use a cooler bag (which mine is actually from Temp-tations) to help keep things at a cooler temperature.  I hit up my local CVS for all my goodies for my kits – it’s definitely my favorite one stop shop. Love that place and all their brand of products!

Here’s a list of what I put in my Beach Survival Kit to make sure there’s lots of fun to be had in the sun!

  • lots of sunscreen (I like the CVS age defy sunscreen for myself & the spray kind for my kids)
  • beach towels
  • bandaids
  • bottles of water
  • pain relief meds (last thing you need is a headache to ruin your day!)
  • non-perishable snacks (omgosh, the CVS gold emblem brand brownie filled pretzels, the salt & pepper cashews, & the bbq pistachios are SO good, & are my go-tos – their brand of beef jerky is also another great option)
  • resealable plastic bags for collecting seashells

Summer Survival Kits

And I have a great tip for your next beach trip. Bring a cheap beverage dispenser filled with water with you, so you can use it to rinse off your feet (or anything else) before putting on your shoes & getting in the car.

Beverage Container to rinse sand off your feet at the beach

One thing I really love to do when the weather is nice is take the kids on a picnic – but I’m the kinda gal who decided to do this on a whim. For this reason, keeping a Picnic Kit packed & put aside in my hall closet is the perfect solution for that.

DIY Picnic Kit

I fill mine with all the non-perishable essentials. For my container, I use a cooler bag so all I have to do is make some sandwiches, grab some drink, and toss everything in & go. Here’s what I put in my personal Picnic Kit!

  • paper plates
  • plastic silverware
  • napkins
  • resealable plastic bags
  • antibacterial moist wipes (the Total Home individually wrapped wipes at CVS are a must with kids!)
  • disinfecting wipes
  • sunscreen (the spray on kind – it’s my fave!)
  • bandaids (because boo-boos can happen anywhere!)
  • mini snack bags

Summer Picnic Survival Kit


Things are about to get even more exciting because my favorite one-stop-shop, CVS, has decided to give away some of my favorite CVS products to one lucky winner to get you started on your own summer survival kit(s)!

Up for grabs in this giveaway is 7 awesome products!

  • Total Home disposable antibacterial wipes
  • Total Home strong paper plates
  • Total Home napkins
  • Total Home plastic silverware
  • CVS Pharmacy sprayable sunscreen
  • CVS Pharmacy age defy sunscreen (my personal favorite!)
  • CVS gold emblem pistachios

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