Whole 30 Week 1 – What I Ate

Whole30 Week 1 collage of what I ate at MrsHappyHomemaker.com

Today is technically Day 9 of my Whole30 January reset… and I’m actually feeling really great. I haven’t really had any of the sugar withdrawals or anything like I’ve read about.

I woke up this morning with so much energy and my clothes are already fitting a lot better. The ‘rules’ of Whole30 state that you can’t weigh yourself til the end, so I’m not sure if I actually have lost anything or not… but here’s what I do know. I had a pair of jeans that have barely fit me for a few months now. If I put them on, I had to really suck it in to get them to button and then I felt like a busted can of biscuits… so I never wore them anymore (also titled ‘leggings are life’). But 2 days ago (on Day 7, just one week in) – those very same jeans actually fit me comfortably. So yeah, I can definitely tell a difference which just gives me more willpower to keep going. I am determined to lose that 20 pounds I’ve put on in the last 2.5 years since my hubby went to Heaven.

Soooo, you wanna know what I’ve been munching on – right? Here’s what I’ve been eating.

First off, their is coffee. Prior to this, I’ve always drank my coffee with plenty of sugar & cream so there has definitely been an adjustment in this department to say the least. The the first few days, I was using coconut milk (the kind in the can). I’d heat it up in my microwave, then froth it with my French whisk, & add it to my coffee. It was pretty good this way, but let’s just say that my stomach doesn’t seem to be very good friends with coconut milk sooooo…. I decided to NutPods. I got the French Vanilla flavor from Amazon and I must say that I love them! I heat up 1/4 cup of it in the microwave, froth it with my French whisk, pour it into hot coffee & then sprinkle a little cinnamon on top… SO GOOD! I’ll likely still drink them after my Whole30 is over.

nut pods, coffee, cinnamon

Day 1-

Whole30 Week 1 collage of what I ate at MrsHappyHomemaker.com

  • BreakfastEggs & Onions with Frank’s Red Hot sauce & fresh fruit
  • Lunch – Sirloin steak, Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice, Salad with extra virgin olive oil & lime juice
  • Dinner – See the little X on that plate? Yeah, so I cheated the very first day in. I had black eye peas on New Year’s Day. <gasp> I thought about skipping them, but then again – I didn’t want to chance a whole year of having bad luck, bad health, & no money because I didn’t eat my black eye peas & collard greens… so I ate me some black eye peas on New Years. I might eat one extra Whole30 meal to make up for it, or do an additional day… I dunno. We’ll see how I’m feeling on day 30! haha Anyhows, I also had a piece of a baked Pork rack, some roasted potatoes, & turnip greens.

Day 2-

Whole30 Week 1 collage of what I ate at MrsHappyHomemaker.com

  • Breakfast– A big bowl of fresh fruit (blackberries, kiwi, & strawberries) w/ almonds & pistachios. I’ve found I really love using my soup & cracker mug for making fruit/nut bowls, veggie/guac snacks, fresh fruit/almond butter, etc. The two compartments are perfect portion sizes.
  • Lunch– Cilantro Ranch Steak Salad – I used sliced leftover steak from the night before & layed it over an organic lettuce blend. I dressed it with Tessemae’s All Natural Habanero Ranch (which isn’t really spicy at all, but the flavor is pretty good) & garnished with lime, avocado, tomato, & a pickled jalapeño from my summer garden.
  • DinnerBaked Lemon Chicken, green beans, & leftover potatoes from the night before

Day 3-

Whole30 Week 1 collage of what I ate at MrsHappyHomemaker.com

Day 4-

Whole30 Week 1 collage of what I ate at MrsHappyHomemaker.com

Day 5-

Whole30 Week 1 collage of what I ate at MrsHappyHomemaker.com

  • Breakfast– Another crazy morning! Fresh fruit, almonds, & a RXBar
  • LunchBell Pepper Tacos – probably my FAVORITE Whole30 meal so far!!
  • Dinner– Roast Pork with Onion Gravy (I just kinda made it up.. roasted a pork loin in the oven with 2 onions cut in quarters, 2 limes cut in half & juiced over the pork, & tons of garlic. Sprinkled pork with garlic powder, salt, pepper, & Ring of Fire seasoning. Baked in a dutch oven at 350 til tender. Removed the pork & limes… and brought the broth in the pan up to a boil on the stovetop kinda mushed the roasted onions up with a spatula a little, then served that over the sliced pork). I also had green beans & cauliflower rice with mushrooms & garlic.

Day 6-

Whole30 Week 1 collage of what I ate at MrsHappyHomemaker.com

  • Breakfast- Scrambled eggs with onions & mushrooms, homemade sausage that I didn’t really care for but I ate it anyway with hot sauce, & fresh fruit.
  • Lunch– Jalapeño Burger – oh my word!! This was SO AMAZING! I made a bun out of sliced eggplant and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but it was delicious! I used Primal Kitchen’s Chipotle Mayo on it… yum!
  • Dinner– the rest of the Pork Fried Rice with some fresh peppers & guacamole on the side.

Day 7-

Whole30 Week 1 collage of what I ate at MrsHappyHomemaker.com


And I did eat a couple more of those RXBars for snacks in between a couple meals here and there (the chocolate sea salt is super good!) – and I know they say you’re supposed to only use those as ’emergency meals’ even though all the ingredients are Whole30 approved. But what can I say other than oops. 😉

Are you doing Whole30 right now? What are your meals looking like?


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