Homemade “Febreze” Fabric & Air Refresher

Homemade Febreze with only 2 ingredients! It smells so good & will refresh your whole house. Use as fabric refresher, air freshener, or household cleaner!

I have used this simple little concoction for a few years now & as I was refilling my bottle, I decided to hop on here real quick & tell you about what I refer to as ‘My Homemade Febreze’.

Now, it doesn’t smell like Febreze or have any of the ingredients that Febreze has. So, if you’re expecting a copycat recipe – that’s not what this is. It smells great, with a really ‘clean’ smell to it. And I use it much like I’d use febreze fabric refresher or any other air freshener, except I also use this to wipe down my counters & such too. It makes the whole house smell really good.