Whole30 Week 2 – What I Ate

I made it thru Week 2 of the #Whole30 Challenge! (If you missed what I ate on Week 1, you can see that here.) I’m feeling pretty great as far as energy goes and my pants are definitely loser! I’ve really wanted to get on the scale to see if I’ve actually lost any weight, but I’ve been strong and have resisted the urge. I haven’t had any monster cravings that I wasn’t able to satisfy with something that was Whole30 complaint and I’m thinking this really isn’t as hard as I had made it out in my mind to be. I’ve been thru some hard things… eating like this for 30 days really isn’t hard.

So far, I’m super proud of myself too. This week, I’ve made it a point to go hiking a few times (3-5 miles)… and my 7 year old sonvhas eagerly tagged along for the hikes. Well, eagerly for the first half anyhows! lol I keep telling him ‘slow & steady wins the race’ but he insists it’s ‘fast and steady’. Regardless, that little bug has SO much energy at first..and runs ahead then back to me, runs ahead then back to me, and so on and so forth. He does that so much that by the time we’re halfway done, he’s exhausted & ready to be done.

Ain’t he the cutest snaggletooth you ever have seen? 

This week, you’ll notice I only ate eggs at the beginning of the week. That’s because I’m cutting them out for a week to see how that effects me. I have a condition called Eosinophilic Esophagitis which is basically an esophagus that has allergic reactions & swells up, causing (for me, at least) food to become impacted. Not fun. I have reason to believe that egg whites may be aggravating the condition, but I’m not sure. So, taking them out of my diet for a little while to see if that helps at all. I tried scrambling up egg yolks and eating them, but even with onions, mushrooms, and plenty of hot sauce – I couldn’t get down with all that yolky flavor. Sliced bananas, cashew butter, & unsweetened coconut chips alongside my Whole30 latte have become a morning staple for me lately. Kinda missing my RxBars but they have egg whites so for the time being….. they’re out.

So, my meals in Week 2 looked like this.