Hot Cheetos Cheese Sauce

Ok, so y’all might laugh at me on this one… or even cringe. But that’s ok. I’m not gonna let it stop me from sharing it because it’s GOOD.

My teenage daughter has sort of an obsession with Hot Cheetos… and I ain’t gonna lie – I totally steal a few from her bag when she gets them. Recently, we came up with the idea to use ground up Hot Cheetos as a breading for fried green tomatoes,and it was absolutely delicious. Well, this time around we’ve taken the same principal of grinding up the Cheetos but in this case, we made an absolutely delectable cheese sauce out of it.

It’s really, really good.Β  Dangerously good… Dangerously cheesy even. πŸ˜‰

It’s actually really easy to make too – and I bet that all your friends & family will totally flip over this. Place it out on the table at your next party or gathering, & watch the reactions… then watch how fast it disappears!