Patriotic Cookie Bars

I have this awesome cookie bar recipe that I’ve used for years & years. It’s super simple & I love to coordinate them to whatever holiday is hanging around. I’ve done ones for Christmas & ones for Valentine’s Day…. and now since 4th of July is right around the corner, a patriotic version had to… {read more}

Summer Squash Shrimp & Grits

I have a fairly large garden going right now in my backyard & the poor thing is getting flooded out as we speak. And from what the forecast is looking like, that’s not gonna change any time soon. While many of my plants definitely aren’t liking the soaking conditions they’re experiencing right now, my squash… {read more}

Southwestern Baked Burritos with Cilantro Cream Sauce

This recipe is one of my family’s favorites – and has actually been on the blog for quite some time now. Back in 2012, I posted my family’s version of ‘Southwestern Egg Rolls’ and a separate recipe for ‘Cilantro Cream Sauce’. They are both so super simple & absolutely delicious (sooooo delicious, y’all!). The original… {read more}

Crockpot Braised Country Style Ribs

This week has been so crazy busy so far! And hot & muggy. Soooooo hot & muggy. Stress & being overheated do not look good on me. At all. I’m definitely stretched pretty thin right now. The things that I need to do are stacking up faster than I’m able to get them done, and… {read more}

Soap Dough – Play Dough You Can Play With!

Soap Dough – a super easy soap recipe that you can play with like play dough and wash yourself with! My little boy is obsessed with play dough & slime. He loves the texture & playing with it. Recently, we began making soap dough for his baths and we are in love. Even my 16… {read more}

Ham, Egg, & Asparagus Breakfast Rollups (with Dijon Swiss Cheese Sauce)

This post/recipe is sponsored by the great folks over at Michigan Asparagus. All opinions & general ramblings are my own.  I’m all about breakfast – it’s my favorite meal of the day. So, I guess it’s a pretty good thing that it’s also the most important meal of the day. Or at least, that’s what… {read more}

The BEST Potato Salad I’ve EVER Had!! (seriously!)

When I tell you that this is the BEST potato salad I’ve ever eaten, I’m not yankin’ yer chain one little bit. It’s the best of the best… and I’ve eaten a lot of darn good potato salad over my years. But this one… this one. This one is special. This recipe has been handed… {read more}

4 Ingredient Mini Danishes

These little danishes are my 7 year old son’s favorite thing right now. You only need 4 ingredients to make them – and a can of crescent rolls is the key. You don’t even have to separate them into triangles, y’all… that’s how easy it is! Just unroll the can of crescent dough & slice… {read more}

MawMaw Light’s Strawberry Poke Cake

My MawMaw Light made the BEST Strawberry Poke Cake & it’s so easy. This is her recipe! Ok, so I am perfectly aware that almost everyone has a Strawberry Poke Cake recipe – it’s probably the most popular out of all the poke cake recipes (and there’s a lot of them!) – but this one,… {read more}

Chocolate Bunny Easter Cake

Easter is literally right around the corner now. Seriously – peek around the corner. See it? Told you. 😉 With Easter being so close now, many of us are looking for last minute ideas that dazzle. That’s where this super duper easy (and can we say adorable?) comes in. All you need for this cake… {read more}

Sloppy Joe French Bread Pizza

This post is sponsored U.S. Bank & Kroger. If you’re looking for a super easy, super cheap, & super tasty meal that everyone will love – you have come to the right place, my friend. This Sloppy Joe French Bread Pizza is one of my kids’ favorite things to eat. Their eyes light up when… {read more}

3 Ingredient Lotion Bars

Many of the homemade bath & body recipes out there call for a whole slew of ingredients & supplies – not to mention the mess some of them can make! I love making my own soaps, lotions, & such but simplicity is definitely key. That’s why I love these super simple lotion bars so much…. {read more}

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