Cabbage Casserole (Old Church Cookbook Recipe)

Hey y’all! I’ve always had a fascination for old cookbooks – especially old church cookbooks. A couple weeks ago, I shared a recipe for Baked Chicken & Rice Casserole from an old church cookbook of my grandma’s & it seems that so many of you enjoy the old church cookbook recipes as much as I do!

So, I thought I’d select a recipe from an older church cookbook a couple times a month, make it, & post it here. Doesn’t that sound like fun? A Church Cookbook Recipe Revival if you will 😉

The cookbook that I got this edition’s recipe from is ‘Home Made Cooking – Good ‘Nuff for Sharing’ (I just love that…) from Antioch Christian Church in the teeny tiny town of Bear Creek, NC.  I got this one off of eBay not long ago. I currently live in Georgia, but my ‘home’ is in North Carolina… so I have a pretty heavy fondness for the church cookbooks that come from the area that I’m from.

I have a newfound appreciation & love for cabbage. Used to, unless it was in the form of my Cabbage Rolls, I wouldn’t even touch it. Now, I love it!

So, when I saw this super easy Cabbage Casserole recipe in my latest church cookbook find and I already had everything on hand to make it (because that’s always a plus!) – I decided to give it a go!

It turned out really good!! It is almost reminiscent of a squash casserole to me & is absolutely delicious. Definitely a make again. I added a little more cheese than what the recipe states, but hey – who doesn’t like a little extra cheese?

I think it would be also really great re-done with some chopped kielbasa/smoked sausage in it & made into a main dish meal. What about you?

The recipe really couldn’t be easier.