Pistachio Wedding Cookies 

Learn how to make these pistachio wedding cookies for a twist on a classic wedding cookie. These are made with pistachio pudding, chopped pistachios, powdered sugar, butter, and more. A buttery and delicate cookie that melts in your mouth.

Pistachio Polvorones Cookies on a jadeite plate on a white countertop infront of a vintage blue stove

You also might know these cookies as Pistachio Polvorones. These cookies do have a crumbly texture that is the perfect sweet treat for snacking on.

These cookies are very popular around the holiday season. Try these cherry pie cookies, apple cookies, or even these white chocolate cranberry cookies for more cookie recipes.

Ingredients Needed

Here is all it takes to make these melt-in-your-mouth pistachio cookies! They are simple, and so flavorful.

Flour – You will use all-purpose flour as the base for the cookies. Make sure to measure the cookies properly.

Powdered Sugar – You will use powdered sugar to roll the cookies in them for a sweet coating.

Pistachio Pudding – You will use a box of instant pudding to add the pistachio flavor to the cookies along with the nuts.

Vanilla – A splash of vanilla extract is going to enhance the flavor of the cookies and all the flavors.

Butter – Reach for some salted butter that is softened and at room temperature. You will want it soft so it creams together with the ingredients.

Pistachios – You can use full pistachios or do half pecans and half pistachios for even more depth of flavor.