Announcing the Mrs Happy Homemaker Mini Boutique!

Mrs Happy Homemaker Boutique

I have been working on something special for a while now, and I am so excited to share this news with you.

I have always had a love for all things vintage – especially when it comes to the kitchen & home. I’m sure many of you already know this if you’ve followed me for a while. For about a year now, I have operated a small antique booth in Monroe, GA at Ian Henderson’s. Well, Ian’s in Monroe closed up shop so I began looking for a new place to go. As I was exploring my possibilities, an idea came to my mind. Why not create a Mrs Happy Homemaker mini boutique?

The idea sparked instant joy inside of me and I dove right in. I talked to a couple of places in town & made the decision to open two miniature boutiques in the Monroe Cotton Mills – one on each side. On one side of the Monroe Cotton Mills is The Cotton Depot where I have one location & on the other side is Vintage Revival, where I have the other location.  There are completely different items in each location but the same general ‘vintage kitchen & home’ feel in both. I will also be carrying some of my favorite foodie find products soon too, like different sauces & spices from all over the United States that I’ve fallen in love with over the years.

**On Friday, July 26 – Monroe Cotton Mills will be hosting FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY. It’s a great time to come out and eat lots of food and do some shopping at all the great stores there, including mine 😉 If you stop by my Vintage Revival location today, you can find fresh baked cookies for free! We made y’all my favorite cookies at that – Grandma Millie’s Famous Oatmeal Cookies**


Another fun thing that I’m doing is spreading my love of antique cookbooks & handwritten recipes. Many of you know that I have collected them for years and y’all always love it when I post my favorites on the blog & on social media. Each store has an antique cookbook corner & the store at Cotton Depot also has a handwritten recipe corner, where you can find recipe boxes filled with handwritten recipes that I’ve picked up at estate sales – and grab bags filled with an assortment of handwritten & vintage recipe clippings as old as the late 1800’s/early 1900s.

I also sell some of these online – you can find my online cookbook store at

I may eventually sell some of the vintage housewares & kitchenwares online or in a facebook live sale – but I’m still working on the details of all that!

Can we talk about my signs for a moment?. When I set out to do this, I knew that I wanted a handmade/handpainted wooden sign to hang, so I put the idea out on my personal Facebook. Well, a recommendation came in for someone who happened to live right down the street from me – Linda & Chuck Ballard of Let It B. I told Linda what I wanted & she was able to make exactly what I had in my head.

Aren’t they beautiful?

She even brought them to the Cotton Mills & hand delivered them to me. Here’s me, Linda, her husband Chuck, & their son… and my beautiful signs! If you need a gorgeous handmade sign made, I definitely recommend that you contact them. I’m so impressed by the craftsmanship!

This whole thing has been a process & I am still not done yet. I have so many ideas of fun things for the future to bring to these little stores!

You can find them both at Monroe Cotton Mills – 601 S. Madison Avenue; Monroe, GA 30655. One is inside of The Cotton Depot & the other at Vintage Revival. Plan a visit & spend a day shopping at the antique capital of Georgia… there are so many more awesome little stores here than just mine! I do hope you stop in. If you do and see me, make sure you say hello!

(I also run an antique booth at Pickers Paradise in Monroe, GA that carries a little bit of everything – from tools & toys… housewares, furniture, books, etc. It’s not affiliated with my blog at this time, but I still run it – and it’s worth a stop if you’re already in Monroe. Just look for the CRIC tags! You can find it at 1306 West Spring Street; Monroe, GA)